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Daily’s Premium Meats Expands Retail Presence

Daily's Premium Meat

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023 at 04:47 pm

Kansas City, Missouri-based Daily’s Premium Meats has expanded its bacon distribution to retail chains around the country.

The company uses premium ingredients for curing and all-natural hardwoods for smoking, helping the brand to establish its reputation for high-quality bacon.

The Daily’s bacon brand expands its distribution nationwide, bringing its products to a larger number of retailers and consumers at home. Its in-store product presence and availability will continue to grow through the fall, adding more retail store locations before the end of the year.

More than 130 years ago, Daily’s founder, John R. Daily, set out on a mission to serve quality bacon, with the dream of making the meat an experience and not just an ingredient.

“We know that while quality remains important to us, it’s become equally as important to consumers,” said Emma Pierce, brand manager for Daily’s Premium Meats.

“In fact, according to Circana Primary Research, nearly 60 percent of bacon buyers state that quality is the attribute they are looking for to decide which brand of bacon they purchase. We’re excited to bring our high-quality product to a wider audience than ever before.”

Daily’s promotes a connected food system that fosters collaboration among farmers, three bacon processing plants and networked supply chain, controlling the entire production process from farm to delivery.

According to the company, the connected food system allows Daily’s to guarantee a raw supply of consistent hand-selected bacon products with a superior lean-to-fat ratio and a short seven-day order lead time.

The control also extends beyond the production process. Daily’s prioritizes animal care and well-being, environmental stewardship and community philanthropy.

“We don’t believe in cutting corners and pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service and the finest quality bacon possible so that retailers can feel good about buying a product that will keep their customers coming back for more,” Pierce said.

Daily’s Premium Meats offers a variety of hand-selected products for retail, such as premium stack packs and L-board packs.

Available in three flavors – The Original Hickory, Applewood and Black Pepper – premium stack packs give consumers a butcher-quality experience to thick-cut bacon in 24- and 40-ounce packages without sacrificing meatcase-ready convenience.

The L-boards are available in a 16-ounce packaging with a selection of two flavors – The Original Hickory and Applewood. The Original Hickory also is available in a thick-cut version.

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