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Fox Packaging Receives PFAS-Free Status On All Packaging

Fox Packaging

Fox Packaging has eliminated Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from all its flexible packaging options. This milestone reinforces its commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility and its partnership with customers.

The use of PFAS in flexible food packaging has become a topic of concern, particularly in the context of fresh produce. As of this year, several states have enacted regulations addressing the intentional use of PFAS in flexible food packaging. These regulations aim to restrict the sale, distribution or manufacture of food packaging containing PFAS and have gone into effect as of 2022 and are now being rolled out into 2024.

“For over 60 years, Fox Packaging has been a leader in designing innovative flexible packaging solutions tailored for fresh produce,” said Aaron Fox, VP of Fox Packaging.

“Our diverse portfolio, including the signature Fox Fresh Mesh Combo bag for a range of products including citrus and potatoes, and the Fox Poly bag apples and peppers, as well as our Fox Fresh Mesh Wicketed bags for onion and sweet potatoes are all built to ensure quality preservation, shelf-life extension and freshness. We’re proud to announce that all our flexible packaging options are now PFAS-free, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. This milestone enhances the appeal of our product line, aligning with our dedication to excellence in the packaging industry.”

Iliana Csanyi, materials engineer specialist at Fox Packaging, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “PFAS are harmful chemicals that can contaminate the environment and affect human health. By eliminating them from our products and processes, we have shown our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.”

In light of the recent developments in regulations, Csanyi noted, “In January 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a significant new use rule that strengthens the regulation of PFAS by preventing anyone from resuming manufacture or processing of inactive PFAS without EPA review of the significant new use. Inactive PFAS are PFAS chemical substances that have not been manufactured or processed for many years.”

These regulations aim to address the intentional addition of PFAS in food packaging materials. Processing aids, such as fluorinated polypropylene (PPA), play a beneficial role in manufacturing films used for packaging, including food packaging. Alternative chemicals do not exist in sufficient quantity and qualities necessary to replace fluorinated PPA.

“Grocery chains are removing PFAS from food packaging due to concerns about drinking water contamination, health risks, government regulations and pressure from NGOs and consumers,” Fox said.

“Retailers are committed to safer products and a healthier environment. Packaging manufacturers are actively supporting these efforts, and it’s crucial to monitor progress and ensure these commitments are fully carried out.”

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