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Trion’s Merchandising Systems Boost Presentation, Security

Trion Merchandising Solutions' WonderBar

 by Jack R. Jordan / content creator

Founded in 1965, Trion is a true American manufacturer. The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based company is known for quality and service, according to Craig Weiskerger, director of sales and marketing. And these values set Trion apart from competitors. 

“Once you get to know your customers, and you can truly partner with them, they realize that there’s a hometown value service aspect,” Weiskerger said. “The relationship aspect comes through at Trion that you just don’t get with other customers.”

The company’s offerings help retailers increase sales, quickly restock, secure inventory and cut labor costs. One of the most prominent products from Trion is the WonderBar Merchandising System. 

Using gondolas, the system replaces the shelves with a bar and push tray system. Retailers can fit more products into their footprint, Weiskerger said. 

Craig Weiskerger of Trion Merchandising Systems
Craig Weiskerger

“The way the trays pull in there, and the way you can squeeze the bars and keep everything shoppable, you actually get more facing. That helps increase sales,” he explained. “And also because everything is faced.”

Calling the process “billboarding,” Weiskerger said CPG companies prefer these types of systems as they align with marketing strategies. 

“Companies spend a lot of time and money on their marketing efforts just to make their packaging a billboard of their company. Trion helps pull it off the shelf. If it’s sitting back in the shadows of the shelf, it’s out in front … that also increases sales,” he said. 

Retailers can expect a gain of 15-25 percent more facings using WonderBar. The system is also made to last, incorporating 90 percent metal. 

Trion Merchandising Solutions also offers the ZipTrack Storewide system, which is fully adjustable. The cost-effective, anchored merchandising system keeps products billboarded and can be adjusted to most sizes. 

“You can put a skinny little Red Bull next to a big white Gatorade. And just fits it right [into] it and keeps everything at the shelf front,” Weiskerger said.

Lastly, Trion is working to help retailers hold onto their inventory with its ScanLock and Anti-Sweep Scanning Hooks. 

“Retailers are more familiar with [theft] more than anybody because you want to keep things presentable and shoppable for the consumer. You don’t want to discourage them. Yet, you have to keep your high-end stuff secured,” Weiskerger said. 

“We have anti-sweep hooks that have pronounced humps…We have a couple of different versions of that.”

The anti-sweep hook won’t stop potential thieves completely but will slow them down, Weiskerger said. The ScanLock hooks will keep inventory presentable but require an employee’s assistance to access the product.

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Trion Merchandising Systems

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