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Shelby Awards Program Showcases Emerging Leaders

Shelby Emerging Leaders

Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 05:56 pm

Shelby Publishing will be honoring the next generation of leaders in the food industry through its second-annual Emerging Leaders awards program. This includes retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers/vendors and solutions providers.

Nominations are being accepted through Aug. 2.

“Shelby’s continued focus on our industry’s emerging leaders is both essential and inspiring,” said Stephanie Reid, president and COO of Shelby Publishing. “Their impactful contributions deserve recognition but also showcase how persevering individuals can become catalysts for growth in their corporate and organizational communities.

Many members of the food industry are focused on growing and retaining emerging leaders.

“As demonstrated by the growing wait list every year for NGA’s Executive Leadership Development Program, there is a significant pool of talent eager for enrichment as they seek new levels of responsibility within our industry,” said Greg Ferrara, president and CEO of the National Grocers Association.

“It’s the responsibility of our industry’s current leadership to nurture our next generation of leaders, to help them achieve their full potential and to harness their talents to ensure the future success of our businesses and the benefit of the communities they serve. NGA continues to grow opportunities for mentoring this next generation, from ELDP to the Emerging Female Leaders share group that’s part of Women Grocers of America.”

David Fikes, executive director of the FMI Foundation, said the industry is founded on tradition and the concept of building from within, noting the many CEOs who started their careers bagging groceries and then moved up the ranks.

“Emerging leaders in the food industry today are engaged in exciting AI and data analytics, future-proofing the supply chain and expanding the diversity, inclusion and equity of our workforce. It’s an exciting time to be in the food industry,” he said.

Shelby Publishing will recognize all emerging leaders from all sectors of the retail food industry. Entries must detail the nominee’s exemplary commitment to the following:

  • Their career in retail grocery and dedication to solving problems and implementing solutions that maximize their customers’ shopping experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities that truly motivate others to do their very best in their daily tasks.
  • Community service work that produces results in the neighborhoods they serve.

The Emerging Leaders awards special section will be featured in Shelby Publishing’s September issues.

All nominations must be submitted through an official online entry form by August 2, 2024.

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