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Cascades’ Packaging Solutions Designed To Advance Circular Economy 

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Shelby Publishing’s Maggie Kaeppel recently visited with Evolène Serié, senior product marketing manager at Cascades. Based in Quebec, Canada, Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions.

What is new with your company?

“We’re excited to introduce two ground-breaking packaging solutions designed to advance the circular economy. First up, our cardboard tray crafted entirely from 100 percent recycled fibers and fully recyclable. Additionally, we are proud to unveil our rPET tray, made of 100 percent recycled content and prequalified by How2Recycle.

“These innovations are not just about packaging; they’re about sustainability and making a real difference.

“What sets us apart? We’re the sole provider of such a cardboard tray in the USA, offering unmatched performance and sustainability.” 

What are some key takeaways from the show?

“One of the standout observations from the show is the impact of the AMC as the premier platform for the meat market. Being present and visible at such events is not just advantageous, it’s imperative. It’s a prime opportunity to exchange market insights, foster networks and forge partnerships.

“A notable trend we’ve noticed is the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. This aligns perfectly with our offerings, positioning us as leaders in the industry at precisely the right moment. 

“In today’s retail environment, sustainability isn’t just a passing trend – it’s a core expectation among shoppers. By being at the forefront of this movement, we’re not just meeting market demands; we’re shaping the future of packaging.”

What are some of the biggest challenges that grocery retailers are facing this year?

“One of the foremost challenges confronting grocery retailers this year is the escalating consumer consciousness regarding climate change. Shoppers are increasingly aware and conscientious, demonstrating a willingness to invest more in sustainable options. 

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“To navigate this evolving landscape, grocers must not only adapt but also take an active role in educating their customers about sustainable choices.

“Another significant challenge is the ongoing transition away from foam packaging, driven by environmental concerns and regulatory actions by some states. Additionally, combating food waste remains a pressing issue for grocers, requiring innovative solutions and proactive measures to minimize waste throughout the supply chain. 

“Addressing these challenges head-on is essential for retailers to stay relevant and resilient in an increasingly sustainability-driven market.”

What are some opportunities that grocery retailers can take advantage of this year?

“This year presents a wealth of opportunities for grocery retailers, particularly in the realm of sustainability. One avenue for growth lies in enhancing communication about their sustainable initiatives. By showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility, retailers can not only attract eco-conscious consumers but also foster trust and loyalty.

“Another opportunity lies in forming strategic partnerships with trusted allies like Cascades. By collaborating with partners who share their sustainability vision, retailers can leverage expertise and resources to achieve their goals more effectively.

“Additionally, there’s immense potential in packaging private brands using sustainable materials. By prioritizing eco-friendly packaging and actively communicating these efforts to shoppers, retailers can differentiate their brands and resonate with the growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.

“Embracing these opportunities isn’t just beneficial for the bottom line – it’s a testament to retailers’ dedication to driving positive change and shaping a more sustainable future for the grocery industry.”

What is your company doing to help retailers navigate this market?

“Our company is actively helping retailers in transitioning from ‘hard-to-recycle’ plastics to more sustainable solutions. We understand the importance of this shift, both from an environmental standpoint and as a response to evolving consumer preferences.

“From identifying suitable alternatives to offering guidance and implementation support, we’re committed to helping retailers embrace sustainability and thrive in today’s market.”

Anything else that you would like to mention?

“I’m excited to share that Marie-Pier Labarre, our innovation director, has been selected as one of the “Leaders of Tomorrow. This prestigious recognition not only speaks volumes about her expertise but also presents a fantastic opportunity for our company to further contribute to industry leadership and innovation.”

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