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Byrne, Bobby & Moore, Jeff

Bobby Byrne & Jeff Moore Bobby Byrne Management Corp.
“A Pub Is More Than Food And Drink.” Those are heady words, but Bobby Byrne and Jeff Moore stand by them,fully prepared to make a patron’s visit to their pubs and restaurants a grand one.

Mr. Moore, as president, and Mr. Byrne are co-owners of Bobby Byrne Management Corp., which is the controlling entity for Bobby Byrne’s Restaurants and Pubs and the soon-to-open Lanes Bowl & Bistro, all located on Cape Cod.

Mr. Byrne prefers to keep his pubs conducive to conversation and good food, hence his slogan: “Eating, Drinking, and Talking Establishments Since 1973.”

The establishments were designed, built, decorated and tended by Mr. Byrne who, prior to that time, had been a bartender for 19 years before coming to Cape Cod.

He affords great attention to the styling of each location, with rich wood paneling, stained glass accents and furnishings. The styling and ambience may attract people, but it’s the service, the beverages and the finely honed menu that keep them coming back, according to Mr. Byrne.

Mr. Byrne acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and success of Mr. Moore. Originally a sandwich maker who had an affinity for the business side, Mr. Moore became Mr. Byrne’s longtime business partner.

“Jeff Moore, who has been with me for 36 years, is responsible for all the progress and success since 1987, having led the company with excellence and passion and skill for the last 25 years,” said Mr. Byrne.

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