Hidden Valley Introduces New Line Of Italians and Vinaigrettes

The makers of Hidden Valley Salad Dressings are introducing six new flavors within the Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressings line. These new Italian and vinaigrette flavors step beyond the brand’s signature ranch and creamy offerings to give salads new, robust flavors—with real ingredients like authentic Italian herbs, vinegar, oil and Dijon mustard, according to the company.

The six new flavors include:

• Farmhouse Originals Italian with Herbs Dressing: Simply a classic, packed with zesty flavor and real herbs and spices. Add to salads, pasta and side dishes or use with meat as a marinade for unforgettable taste.

• Farmhouse Originals Homestyle Italian Dressing: This dressing has distinctive olive notes that bring savory Italian flavors to favorite salads, veggies or marinades.

• Farmhouse Originals Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette: Delicious honey mustard flavor, perfect for salads, veggies and of course dipping; also great as a marinade to infuse meat with sweet mustard flavor.

• Farmhouse Originals Pomegranate Vinaigrette: Give salads a sweet and tangy twist with this vinaigrette. Works great in recipes and as a marinade for meat.

• Farmhouse Originals Homestyle Italian Dressing & Seasoning Mix: An easy way to make a fresh, homemade Italian dressing or add a zesty twist to favorite recipes.

• Farmhouse Originals Garlic & Herb Dressing & Seasoning Mix: A blend of garlic and herbs that adds spice to any salad or dish; great as a salad dressing or seasoning.

“Hidden Valley dressings are about celebrating good, simple foods that the entire family will love,” said Jon Schlesinger, marketing director for the Hidden Valley brand. “By adding to our popular line of Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressings, consumers will now have even more choices and opportunities to dress up their salads and other favorite dishes.”


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