2013 Marks 100th Anniversary For Brillo

Brillo Keepsake Box, 100 years

Brillo, one of the world’s most trusted and well known household cleaning brands, will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2013. It’s been an interesting century for the brand, which grew from humble beginnings to being world famous through appearances in popular films, music and art. To commemorate this milestone, the brand is planning a year-long celebration that will feature limited-edition nostalgic packaging, anniversary-themed advertising, social media contests, giveaways and more.

“Brillo has been cleaning American households for a century now,” said John Armaly Jr., president and CEO of Armaly Brands, maker of Brillo Soap Pads and Brillo Estracell sponges. “Our year-long celebration is a thank you to generations of loyal consumers who have found real results from our products over the years. We look forward to the next 100 years of providing consumers with the quality they have come to expect and trust from Brillo.”

In the early 1900s, a breakthrough in home cookware was taking hold in America. Aluminum pots and pans were replacing heavy cast iron cookware in homes throughout the nation. But, there was a problem. The coal-fired stoves of the day quickly blackened the pots, rendering them unattractive and next-to-impossible to clean. Even the new gas stoves of the time did little to help.

Meanwhile, a cookware peddler and a jeweler (his brother-in-law), were working on a solution. Using jeweler’s rouge, soap and fine steel wool from Germany, they found a method to scour the pots and pans when they began to blacken. The idea worked, and the peddler soon added this new product to his line of goods.

Demand for the steel wool and the cake of soap with the jeweler’s rouge rose quickly and before long, the peddler and the jeweler realized that the idea was worth patenting. They sought advice from New York attorney Milton Loeb. They lacked the money to pay for legal services, so they offered the attorney an interest in their “scouring pad” business instead. Loeb accepted the offer and, on Jan. 31, 1913, Brillo was born. The partnership formed between the peddler, the jeweler and the attorney became known as the Brillo Manufacturing Co., with headquarters and production operations in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brillo went on to become one of America’s most recognizable brands, featured in modern art, songs, movies—and, of course, households nationwide. Andy Warhol helped make Brillo and iconic brand in 1964 with his Brillo Box sculptures. In 2010 Brillo was acquired by Armaly Brands, maker of industry leading Estracell sponges. As a result, a new line of Brillo Estracell…More Sanitary! sponges was introduced, continuing a long history of innovation from one of the world’s most trusted household cleaning brands.

Today, the company provides a variety of household cleaning products and remains dedicated to one ideal…helping people everywhere enjoy clean, healthy lifestyles.






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