Safeway Rolls Out New Lucerne Plus Protein Dairy Beverage

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Safeway Inc. has launched Lucerne Plus Protein Dairy Beverage, a line of dairy drinks that provide at least 30 percent more protein and 30 percent less sugar than regular milk.

Lucerne Plus Protein Fat Free has 12g of protein per one-cup serving vs. 9g in regular fat-free milk, and 8g of sugar vs. 12g in regular fat-free milk. Lucerne Plus Protein also is available in Reduced Fat and Reduced Fat Chocolate varieties.

“Lucerne Plus Protein is a delicious complement to a healthy diet,” says Joe Ennen, Safeway SVP of consumer brands. “Moms can feel good about giving it to their families.”

Lucerne Plus Protein is made with Lucerne milk, which is filtered to concentrate protein and remove sugar. It can be enjoyed by the glass and over cereal as well as used for baking, in smoothies and in any recipe that calls for milk.

Safeway has launched a number of company-exclusive products designed to fit the health and wellness goals of consumers. With the 2005 introduction of O Organics, an extensive line of USDA certified-organic foods, Safeway was the first major retailer to make organic foods widely accessible and affordable for every budget, according to the company. Today, O Organics is the nation’s No. 1 organic line with more than 500 food and beverage items.

Safeway’s Eating Right line of better-for-you foods, introduced in 2007, has grown to more than 200 items that highlight dietary and healthy attributes on the front of the package. In 2011, Safeway unveiled Open Nature line of products is made only with ingredients from natural sources with no artificial anything.

Lucerne Plus Protein can be found in the dairy aisle at Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Dominick’s, Carrs, Tom Thumb and Randalls stores.


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