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New Year = OLD Year

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 12:01 pm

Dathan Mitchell, Shelby PublishingAs we prepare to write 2012 on our checks and letters, let’s not let the most exciting part of our year slip by without squeezing extra dollars out of every holiday hour.

If we keep our people excited and upbeat about the potential extra dollars of profit, we will turn what might be a mediocre year into a good one.

It’s all about traffic! What will you use to build extra traffic this season? Do all those extra things you’ve learned over the years to build excitement once the traffic has come.

There isn’t another season in the food business that compares to now.

Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving is now, Christmas is right ahead, New Year’s is right on its heels and Super Bowl season is not far behind. All of these are packed full of potential profit, each in its own way.

Everyone needs to be on the same page in your organization to reach the sales goals you set.

No one has ever hit a target they didn’t shoot at: Aim high, don’t lower your standards, be sure everyone has a goal, fill your store or stores to the brim and make them look fresh, new, exciting and “able” to fill every list that anyone has, and then more.

As my mind goes back to my 30-plus years in the grocery business, none of them were more exciting than working in the retail stores during the holiday seasons and seeing how a beautifully displayed store filled in all departments was torn apart by thousands of customers and rebuilt over night for another day of even greater sales.

No industry in the world can compete with the food business and all the extras you can entice those customers to buy from you.

Give ’em a bargain, everyone loves a bargain: multi-packs, bonus packs, free offers, cents-off deals. Then you may want to cut these items even below cost to instill into the mind of your customer that you do have something special for them each trip they make to your store.

What are your goals for 2012? Are they high enough? Do you have the right people to help you achieve these goals?

No one is an island, and it will take teamwork and support from all your people to achieve your goals. Give them all the support they need, then “expect the best” and accept nothing less.

If there ever was a time in America that you had to upgrade a non-productive worker it is now. There are thousands who are in need of and looking for a job that will be rewarding. Don’t accept second best without trying the rest.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and a HAPPY NEW AND PROSPEROUS 2012…from all the folks at Shelby.


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