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From My Point of View

A New Beginning, 2012

I, for one, am going to pray for Barack Obama because the Bible admonishes us to pray for our leaders, but I’m also going to pray that God will give us a new God-loving...

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New Year = OLD Year

As we prepare to write 2012 on our checks and letters, let’s not let the most exciting part of our year slip by without squeezing extra dollars out of every holiday hour...

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Of Stellar Customer Service

My column this month will be in two parts, somewhat unrelated but as always, anything that affects our business is a part of us. A couple of years ago I wrote a column...

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Of Fiscal Conservatism

It is time for those who are truly proud to be an American to take back our country from those who have betrayed us. There has never been an election in my lifetime that...

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It Can Be Done & Here Is the Proof

It almost makes me ill to see the lack of attention given to this most important part of today’s retail operations called Customer Service, which many have turned into...

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Just a Reminder

How are your competitors doing? Check them out; you may be on top of most of the competition but not all

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