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Best Chicago Meat Co. Buys Moo & Oink Brand

Best Chicago Meat Co.

Best Chicago Meat Co. purchased Moo & Oink’s intellectual property at public auction for $530,000 in December. The four Moo & Oink stores—three in Chicago and one in Hazel Crest—filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in late September. Because there were no bidders on the real estate, the stores will remain closed.

Purchased by Best Chicago Meat were Moo & Oink’s name, logo, characters, website, commercial jingle and, perhaps most important, its recipes.

Robert M. Beavers Jr. is chairman and CEO of Best Chicago Meat. He plans to produce and enhance the Moo & Oink products, putting them back on shelves in the coming months at large food retailers as well as independent stores.

David L. Van Kampen, president and COO of Best Chicago Meat, said the company currently produces ground beef, sausage, hotdogs and Italian beef under the brands Glenmark, Jemm, Red Hot Chicago, and Scala’s Original.

“We welcome this opportunity to add Moo & Oink to our quality brands,” Beavers said. “Moo & Oink has been a staple in the African American community in Chicago, and for the first time in its history, Moo & Oink is minority owned.”

The company name is going to be Moo and Oink and it will be a sister company of Best Chicago Meat.

For the past 30 years, Best Chicago Meat has produced burgers and sausages for Moo & Oink.

“We are considering expanding the brand beyond the African American market,” Beavers said. “Research is showing us that products that are appealing to the African American market are also appealing to the general market.”

“There’s a lot of fusion going on out there,” Van Kampen added, “and lines are becoming blurred. We’re looking at trends, for example Tex Mex. You can find it pretty much everywhere where, a couple of decades ago, you’d have to be in south Texas to find that type of food.”

Moo & Oink’s main focus will be on the meat, but other brand expansions are being considered such as corn on the cob, okra, dry rubs and seasonings and barbecue sauce, turkey burgers and other healthy options.

“Best Chicago Meat excels at quality and reliability,” Van Kampen said. “We feel we provide a market basket of exceptional products to customers, and we are planning to bring Moo & Oink an unparalleled level of quality while keeping the good value.”

In the photo above: David L. Van Kampen, president and COO of Best Chicago Meat, left, and Robert M. Beavers Jr., chairman and CEO of Best Chicago Meat.


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