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Temkin International Now Offering Quad Seal Bags

Temkin International is introducing a new Quad Seal Bag for the ultimate product presentation.

quad sealSealed on all four sides, the Quad Seal Bags have a crisp, reinforced structure allowing them to sit upright without losing their shape. Side seals also provide uninterrupted space on all sides of the bag for graphics, text and labels; or sides can be left blank for a clear view of the produce.

Noam Temkin, VP of sales and marketing for Temkin International, said, “Temkin’s Quad Seal Bags offer the highest level of presentation and functionality in a gusseted bag. With a laminated structure and four rigid seals, this bag has outstanding barriers and ‘stand-upability.’ The Quad Seal Bag is perfect for higher-end foods, snacks and confectionery items.”

For fresh produce, airtight hermetic side seals and laser microperforations can deliver an optimal amount of airflow to extend the shelf life of the produce with minimal moisture loss. Additionally, the Quad Seal Bags are laminated to enhance durability and protect print and color.

Temkin’s Quad Seal Bags come in both metallic and clear films. Sizes range from 4 to 11 inches wide and up to 25 inches long with 2- to 6-inch gussets.

For samples of the Quad Seal Bags or other products in Temkin’s extensive packaging line, call 1-800-CELLANE or visit www.temkinfresh.com.


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