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Harris Poll Study Identifies Brands With Staying Power

Last updated on June 8th, 2024 at 10:07 pm

According to Harris Poll, 15 brands hold an eight-time consecutive run at the top of the 23rd annual EquiTrend study that measures equity of more than 1,500 brands across 127 categories.

Within this list are “mega-brands” that in essence came to define their respective categories, like Coca-Cola, Oreos, Gatorade, Subway Restaurants and Life Savers. All have significant staying power because each brand consistently delivers on its brand experience and remains relevant to today’s consumers, according to the EquiTrend study.

“These 15 top brands have consistently found a way to remain relevant and valuable to the consumer,” said Aron Galonsky, SVP for Harris Interactive’s brand and communication consulting group. “It’s not surprising why these perennial leaders continue to stay on top. They continually deliver a consistent and balanced brand experience, year after year, that really resonates with the consumer.”

In addition, newcomers like Chobani Greek Yogurt showed significant promise for the future.

Though brand equity is generally slow moving, strong brands, once established, will typically maintain their momentum. Brands with strong year-over-year performance that garnered a 2012 “Brand of the Year” distinction included Glaceau vitaminwater.

A few brands have suffered steep declines like Groupon, which is seeing competition from this year’s top-ranked brand, Woot.com as well as Living Social.

This year, 127 brands became a “Brand of the Year,” including in the beer, wine and liquor category: beer—Yuengling Traditional Lager; light beer—Michelob Ultra; scotch whiskey—Glenlivet Single Malt; and vodka—Skyy.

In the beverages category, leaders included: bottled iced tea—Lipton; diet soft drink—Diet Coke; soft drink—Coca-Cola; coffee—Green Mountain; energy drink—SoBe Adrenaline Rush; fruit flavored drink—Juicy Juice; fruit juice—Tropicana; hot tea—Lipton; bottled water—Poland Spring; coconut water—Goya; enhanced water—Glaceau vitaminwater; and sports drink—Gatorade.

“Brands of the Year” in the foods category include: chocolate candy—Hershey’s Kisses; non-chocolate—Life Savers; gum—Extra; premium chocolate—Ghirardelli; cookies—Oreos; energy bars—Clif; popcorn—Orville Redenbacher; salty snack—Lay’s; and yogurt—Chobani Greek.


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