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Duracell Rolls Out New Battery With Duralock Power Preserve Technology

Duracell Duralock

Last updated on September 7th, 2012 at 10:31 am

Innovation has been within the core of Duracell for 60-plus years, according to the company. Since introducing the first AA and AAA batteries in the 1960s, Duracell has continued to invest and lead innovation to drive the category.

Duracell DuralockNow the brand reports that it is launching its greatest innovation since Coppertop—guaranteeing Duracell power for up to 10 years in storage.

Set for retail distribution starting this summer, Duracell batteries with the Duralock Power Preserve Technology are guaranteed to stay powered for up to a decade in storage.

Duracell with Duralock will be packaged with a ”good until” date and be recognizable by the new Duralock ring, providing consumers with instant recognition and the comfort of knowing that Duracell batteries left sitting in a drawer will still work when they are needed most. Whether it’s a CopperTop, an Ultra Power, or a Rechargable battery, Duracell’s Duralock technology means that there’s a battery best suited for every lifestyle. The entire portfolio of Duracell batteries including Ultra (AA/AAA), CopperTop (AA/AAA/C/D/9V), Rechargeable (AA/AAA), Hearing Aid and Coin Button cells will carry a Duralock Power Preserve guarantee.Duracell Duralock

“All batteries are not the same,” says Volker Kuhn, GM for Duracell North America. “Duracell has always committed to creating batteries and power solutions that consumers can rely on whenever they need it most. Whether it is powering the devices that keep you connected, that entertain, educate or protect you and your family, the promise of guaranteed power that comes with Duracell with Duralock is an innovation we feel consumers deserve.”

Duracell’s leap forward with its guarantee was made possible as a result of significant improvements in recent years to its alkaline cells, including in the purity of ingredients within the actual battery, and upgrades to the battery cell itself. Engineered to preserve power in three ways, Duracell starts with powerful ingredients that are as pure as 24-karat gold to provide the best fuel for creating the chemical power, the company says. The anode and cathode are protected with a unique separator that limits power transfer when not in use. Finally, triple corrosion protection surrounds the contents in an acid resistant, anti-corrosive exterior.


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