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California Salmon Harvests Are Up

Last updated on September 11th, 2012 at 03:21 pm

Salmon fishermen are reporting increased landings of California king salmon with the population rebounding from the low numbers seen since 2007. According to Aaron Newman, chairman of the California Salmon Council, “the salmon are finally back in larger numbers, which is good news for consumers.”

Blustery weather this May, when the season opened, kept many fishermen dockside. Even so, 50,200 fish were landed, compared to 11,700 last year during the same period. Although the results for July are not yet available, the weather was more favorable and so were the catches.

Fishing usually picks up in July and August so, California wild king salmon is now available in abundant quantities and can be found in local retail stores and restaurants.

David Goldenberg, CEO of the California Salmon Council, urges salmon lovers to request wild California king salmon from local seafood stores.

“Buying wild-caught salmon is good for consumers,” he says, “because these fish have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and it also supports fishermen who brave the ocean off the California coast to bring these delicious fish home.”

He adds, “The fresher the better and wild-caught salmon is just that.”

Nutrition studies have found that eating fish, such as salmon, once a week can promote healthy brain and eye development in children, reduce the risk of heart disease in adults and reduce the incidence of depression. Ocean-caught California King salmon have high levels of naturally-occurring Omega-3 fatty acids that offer these many protective health benefits.



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