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New Poll Reveals A Quarter Of Grocery Shoppers Admit To Stealing

It’s an activity that millions of Americans do every day—visiting the grocery store. But what happens once inside? The results of a new poll released by SodaHead.com reveal some interesting facts about shopping behaviors. One reason that prices may be rising is that consumers are “helping themselves” to items in the store as 25 percent of shoppers admit to having stolen from a grocery store and 36 percent say that they like to “sample” while in the store, with food, candy and gum being the items taken most often.

SodaHead.com grocery shopping poll facts graphicAt some point we have all received some “extra change” back from a cashier by mistake, but it appears that many decide to “keep the change,” but as we get older, we are more likely to give it back. While only 57 percent of those between age 13 and 17 will return the change, 96 percent of respondents between age 45 and 54 do the right thing and give the extra money back.

Self check-out lanes are continuing to increase in availability, but only 31 percent of those polled like to check themselves out, while 69 percent go the “regular” lanes with a cashier. When deciding where to do their regular grocery shopping 60 percent head to traditional grocery stores, 19 percent go to mass merchandisers, 6 percent visit warehouse stores, 4 percent go to the farmer’s market, 3 percent patronize “mom and pop” stores and only 1 percent do their shopping online.

Additional findings from the poll indicate:

• When asked how often they grocery shop, 36 percent go once a week, 26 percent a few times a week, 24 percent go a few times a month, 6 percent say every day and 8 percent only go once per month.

• In terms of how to pay, 44 percent use debit, 25 percent pay with cash, 19 percent put the charges on their credit card, 5 percent use food stamps and 4 percent write a check.

• When asked “who does the shopping,” 81 percent of women say that they do, while 64 percent of men claim to do the shopping.

Full details of the poll, along with detailed demographic results, can be found here.


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