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Former New Seasons Exec Makes Plans For First Green Zebra C-Stores

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Former New Seasons Market CEO Lisa Sedlar has announced her plans to open the first outlets of a chain of healthy convenience stores under the name Green Zebra Grocery.

Sustainable Business Oregon reports that the first two locations will be in Portland’s Woodstock and Kenton neighborhoods. The Woodstock store will be located at the corner of Woodstock and Southeast 49th Street. The Kenton location will be at Lombard Street and Peninsular Avenue.

The 5,000- to 6,000-s.f. stores will not carry cigarettes, 40-ouncers or other items considered unhealthy. Rather, they will be stocked with fresh produce and convenience foods prepared on site in store kitchens. There also will be a selection of locally produced beer and wine, plus basics to put together meals at home, according to Sustainable Business Oregon.

Sedlar resigned the CEO post at Portland-based New Seasons in November to start the health-focused convenience stores. New Seasons is a minority investor in Green Zebra.


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