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Spam To ‘Break the Monotony’ With Campaign Featuring New Spokescharacter


Next month, the Spam brand’s first-ever spokescharacter, Sir Can-A-Lot, will encourage everyone to “Break The Monotony” of their everyday lives. Partnering with Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ Truck fame, Sir Can-A-Lot will use social media to connect with brand fans distressed by daily dullness to achieve their mission of ridding the worldwide web of mealtime boredom, according to a news release.

Beginning March 1, the animated Sir Can-A-Lot will take over the social media properties of the Spam brand. Throughout the month, he will seek out and respond to internet users suffering from routine meals and boring tweets, addressing many of them personally with a unique web video, the release says. The videos will be written, recorded and fully animated in real-time, allowing Sir Can-A-Lot’s personality to shine. The creative execution is being managed by BBDO Proximity Minneapolis, with Laika House creating and animating the Sir Can-A-Lot spokescharacter. The action will be focused on the Spam brand’s Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages.

“The ‘Break The Monotony’ campaign will allow Spam fans to connect with the brand on a more personal level within the social space,” says Nicole L. Behne, senior product manager of the Spam family of products. “Participants will experience the fun-loving, down-to-earth brand personality firsthand through their dialogue with Sir Can-A-Lot and enjoy new recipes created by Chef Roy Choi.”

Choi’s recipes will inspire creativity among consumers and provide new ways to cook with the new spicy flavors of Spam Jalapeno and Black Pepper, the release says. Alongside Sir Can-A-Lot, Choi will be active in the digital space engaging with fans and media. Choi is often considered the godfather of the food truck movement and is the chef and owner of four restaurants in Los Angeles, including the Kogi BBQ gourmet food truck.

“The Spam brand echoes my passion for connecting the world together in celebrating how many families survived and prospered, seeing the can as a sense of hope and as a delicious mainstay,” says Choi. “This recipe creation has allowed me to also more intimately connect with my Korean heritage, Hawaii and with all immigrant families that made their way to America. This partnership reflects my missions of flavor, honesty and social creativity and gives me the chance to work with one of my favorite ingredients and show others its versatility


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