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Aldi Introduces Exclusive Premium Product Line

Aldi's Specially Selected product line

Aldi is launching a premium brand called ”Specially Selected.” Identified by its packaging, the brand features a range of specialty products available periodically throughout the year—from German coffees and gourmet pastas to premium meats and cheeses.

Aldi first launched the Specially Selected line in Europe. In the U.S., Aldi is introducing many of the Specially Selected products through its Special Buy Program, available while quantities last.

“At Aldi, our focus is on delivering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices,” said Chuck Youngstrom, president of Aldi. “Now, with our exclusive Specially Selected line, we’re able to offer the more than 25 million customers who shop our stores each month gourmet foods at Aldi everyday low prices. Each Specially Selected product was developed with exceptional taste at an excellent value—helping to meet our customers’ increasing demand for premium, quality food at affordable prices.”

“I love the fact that the Specially Selected line is showcasing a wide variety of specialty items—everything from gourmet vinaigrette dressings and Havarti, feta and blue cheeses to salami and top crusted flounder—allowing loyal Aldi shoppers like me, access to gourmet shopping choices without having to make that extra stop,” said food stylist Janice Stahl.

Sampling of ‘Specially Selected’ products

• Specially Selected Havarti—plain, dill, jalapeno ($2.99/8 oz.)

• Specially Selected Blue or Feta Cheese Crumbles ($1.99/5 oz.)

• Specially Selected Goat Cheese Log—plain, honey, garlic & herb ($1.99/4 oz.)

• Specially Selected Premium Roast Ground—Regular or Mild Coffee ($4.99/17.6 oz.)

• Specially Selected Gourmet Vinaigrette Dressings ($1.99/12 oz.)

• Specially Selected Pizzelle Cookies ($2.99/7 oz.).



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  • The “ROASTED RED PEPPER AND ARTICHOKE TAPENADE” AND THE “OLIVE TAPENADE” are really incredibly good tasting, and I just want to know how to get more of the same. Aldi says only about every six months, but I really don’t want to wait. How do I convince them to not make me wait?

  • Your Caramel Monkey Bread was the worst Money Bread I have ever made and or tasted. The bread was saturated with butter and I threw it all in the trash

  • where can i find an Aldis that carries Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels Fantastic!! Found them in Florida. I live in Pittsburgh and can’t find them here..

  • Will you bring back the Specially Selected Goat Cheese with Blueberries/Vanilla? It’s delicious and the local store is out of it for the past week!

  • The specialty Continental Cookie assortment is the best. Bought it over the xmas holiday, and today I’m going to hit all the Aldi’s stores to buy up what they have left. Do they only offer then at xmas because they should be all year round. They are absolutely delicious. thank you they are way better than Costcos or the Sam’s brand

  • I fell in love with your wild garlic cheese stuffed peppers.
    How cant I get more of them.
    The store had them for one day.

    When we find something we like it never is seen again and leaves us wanting

  • I LOVE the Blue Cheese chips/crackers. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!!! The Cornichons are wonderful too!

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