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Sprout Foods Adds Industry-First Toddler Snacks To Organic Food Line

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Sprout Foods, which offers chef-created, wholesome and organic baby and toddler foods, unveiled 22 new products and improved packaging to its line of meals and snacks last month at Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim, Calif. The additions include industry-first toddler snacks and new Stage 3 textured breakfasts, entrees and snacks for babies. All of the new foods and improved packaging advance Sprout Foods’ mission to partner and help parents nurture healthy relationships with food for their children, according to a company news release.

Among the new products for babies, age 8-18 months, are 11 Stage 3 textured breakfasts and entrees, such as Peach Multigrain Cereal with Blackberries and Creamy Vegetables with Chicken, as well as new snacks like Peach Pumpkin Pie with Coconut. Each comes in a squeeze pouch that makes it easy for children to enjoy and convenient for parents, the release says.

There are a variety of new snacks for toddlers, including a new line of Greek yogurts, such as the Tropical Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt. The yogurts and Sprout Foods’ Toddler Superfruit Snacks are available in new squeeze pouches.

Adding to the lineup of new toddler snacks is a new line of Crispy Fruit & Veggie Chews that delivers a fruit and veggie flavor with a crunch from crisped whole grain rice. The new Fruity Yogurt Bites, such as Banana Pumpkin Yogurt with Banana and Orange Carrot Yogurt with Mango, combine freeze-dried real yogurt pieces and freeze-dried real fruit pieces. The bites are perfectly sized for toddler hands and easily dissolve in the mouth, the release says.

“Our new products and improved packaging are a testament to Sprout Foods’ innovation and commitment to nutritious and delicious food for babies and toddlers—food that encourages healthy and happy eating,” says Ron Davis, CEO of Sprout Foods. “As in the past, we’ve taken unique combinations of wholesome ingredients and created tasty new recipes, which further advance Sprout Foods’ leadership in baby and toddler snacks and meals.”





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