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Spartan, Nash Finch Make VP Appointments For Combined Company

Spartan Stores, Nash Finch
Spartan Stores, Nash Finch

In an internal memo dated Nov. 1, Spartan Stores President and CEO Dennis Eidson named a number of VPs who will take on their roles once the merger of Spartan and Nash Finch is completed, expected by the end of the year.

“These strong leaders have done a terrific job over the last months, working to support the EVPs, collaborating across both organizations and in leading their functional and integration teams of associates through planning for our merger,” Eidson said in the memo titled “Spartan Stores Nash Finch Integration Progress Notes.”

The VPs are listed beneath the executives to whom they will report:

Ted Adornato: EVP, Retail Operations

• Tom Swanson, Divisional VP, Nash Finch Stores

• Bruce Emery, Divisional VP, West

• Mark Lamberies, Divisional VP, North/West

Derek Jones: EVP, Food Distribution

• Roger Nelson, VP, Business Development

• Dan Davidson, VP, Logistics

• Lach McKinnon, Regional VP, Distribution Great Lakes

• Joe Hermes, VP, East-West Sales Region

• Larry Biggerstaff, VP, National Accounts

• Jason Burnett, VP, Inventory Management

• Jim Gohsman, VP, Great Lakes Sales Region

TBD: EVP, Merchandising and Marketing

• Brian Haaroaja, VP, Fresh Merchandising

• John Paul, VP, Private Brands

• Linh Peters, VP, Marketing

• Larry Pierce, VP, Center Store Merchandising

Jerry Jones: SVP, Human Resources

• Kristine Jordahl, VP, HR

• Brian Winterstein, VP, HR, Military Division (MDV)

Ed Brunot: EVP and President, MDV

• John Hird, SVP and COO, MDV

• Michael Easter, VP, IT, MDV

• Rene Hunter, VP, Finance & Accounting, MDV

Dave Staples: EVP and CFO

• Blaine McGuire, VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

• Peter O’Donnell, VP, CAO, Controller

• Tom Van Hall, VP, Finance

• Francis Wong, VP, Merchandising Finance

• Dave Belock, VP, Real Estate

• Dave Couch, VP, IT and CIO

• Kirk Pearson, VP, IT Applications

• Chuck Behrend, VP, Risk Management

• Michael Howse ,VP, Internal Audit

Alex DeYonker: EVP, Chief Legal Officer; and Kathy Mahoney: EVP, General Counsel and Secretary

• Caren Fitzgerald, VP, Assistant General Counsel

• Jeanne Norcross, VP, Corporate Affairs

“Over the next several weeks, the teams will be working on finalizing their integration plans,” Eidson said in the memo. “These plans will provide timelines and more details as to how each business unit and department will consolidate.

“Congratulations again to our vice presidents and for their leadership in helping us get to where we are today in planning for the integration of Spartan Stores and Nash Finch,” he added. “I am personally excited for what this team will bring to the table—innovative thinking, strong teamwork and commitment to achieving the goals of the merger—as they have already demonstrated their ability to lead and drive success.”

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