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Yoplait Challenges Chobani In Greek Yogurt ‘Taste-Off’


Taste is king, and yogurt lovers from across the country have spoken: Yoplait Greek blueberry comes out on top over Chobani blueberry, according to Yoplait. Yoplait says it put taste to a head-to-head national taste test, revealing that nearly two out of three consumers (65 percent) prefer the taste of Yoplait Greek blueberry over the same Chobani Greek fruit-on-the-bottom flavor.

“We are focused on one thing—making Greek yogurt taste as good as it can be—so we asked yogurt fans if we had succeeded,” said Carla Vernón, marketing director for Yoplait Greek. “They overwhelmingly said ‘yes’ and now we owe it to everyone to share the news of a better-tasting blueberry Greek yogurt.”

Yoplait will share the news in a new national marketing campaign—The Yoplait Greek Taste-Off. The campaign asks consumers across the country to do their own side-by-side taste tests of Yoplait Greek blended blueberry yogurt and Chobani blueberry fruit on the bottom and then share what they think on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #TasteOff. Yogurt lovers can visit GreekTasteOff.com to see what other people think and share their own opinion—no matter which Greek yogurt they prefer.

The advertising campaign kicks off this week with a new TV spot titled “Taste-Off,” which spotlights real consumers trying both brands of Greek yogurt for themselves. The campaign includes digital, social, public relations and major grocery activation, including taste tests in hundreds of stores across the country.

“Tasting is believing, and we are excited to hear from everyone who is curious about Greek yogurt,” said Vernón.

Last year, Yoplait launched its new Yoplait Greek yogurt after hearing many people talk about their interest in Greek but dissatisfaction with the taste of some of the leading brands. Yoplait Greek says it fulfills that call by delivering a taste experience using a strained Greek yogurt, a special blend of slow-fermenting cultures, with real fruit pieces blended in to the yogurt, and the same high-quality recipe consumers have come to expect in Greek yogurt. This month, people can enjoy three new flavors—Strawberry, Cherry and Raspberry—in addition to the existing flavors Blueberry, Tangerine, Vanilla, Strawberry Raspberry, Coconut and Pineapple.

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