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Frito-Lay Releases New Products In Line With ‘Bring The Party’ Campaign


Tostitos Fajita flavored Scoops! tortilla chips and Tostitos Queso Blanco dip were launched in conjunction with the 2014 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, which took place Jan. 1 this year at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.

The new chips, with real red peppers baked inside the dough, provide a bit of heat, and when paired with the new queso dip, deliver even more flavor. The two products are designed and marketed with this complimentary flavor combination in mind. The dip is a shelf-stable product, merchandised with the chips, based on the theory that consumers will buy the cheese first and then look for the right chip to go with it.

These new products build on the success of the Tostitos Multigrain Scoop, which was launched in 2011.

Christina MenendezAccording to Senior Director of Marketing at Frito-Lay North America, Christina Menendez, “there was a gap in the market that Tostitos didn’t deliver on—heat.” Noting the rising popularity of spicy foods among consumers, Menendez explained, “…the trend of launching a spicy white cheese dip has really been on fire for the last 12 to 18 months. We wanted to make sure that people could buy it in a grocery store and bring it home and have the same experience. So, that’s how Queso Blanco was created…we’re really tapping into foodservice trends.”

‘Bring the Party’ campaign

To promote these new products, Tostitos also began a new “Bring the Party” marketing campaign, debuting two adds for the national television audience. The new spots feature a team of specialists who drop in to save parties, making the events better by removing unappealing party foods and replacing them with Tostitos tortilla chips, dips and salsa. Both spots mimic classic home-repair ads in a light-hearted, humorous tone, according to PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America, which owns the Tostitos brand.

The first ad, “No Better Solution,” starts with a party host who is disappointed with his boring house party and unenthusiastic guests. Suddenly, party specialist Steve O’Hare and his team enter the home and remove the unappealing party snacks using a powerful industrial vacuum. The team of technicians places Tostitos Cantina Thin and Crispy tortilla chips and Tostitos Cantina Chipotle Salsa on the coffee table and uses state-of-the art tools to transform the party atmosphere, making it better. They leave behind happy and satisfied party guests.Tostitos Fajita Scoops Pallet image

In the second ad, “Guaranteed,” O’Hare and his experts enter a house party and immediately get to work with fixing a dull party. The team constructs a scaffold around the kitchen island, removes the unappealing finger foods and snacks and “installs” the new Scoops and dip varieties. The scene ends as party guests happily enjoy the new food and party ambiance.

Target audience

“What is exciting and different about this campaign is the consumer engagement elements,” Menendez said.

Not only do the ads present the Tostitos products as essential party food, they also display a URL (bringtheparty.com) and a phone number (1-855-94-PARTY), both of which are fully operational. Viewers are encouraged to log on or call in order to use these entertaining party tools to find solutions for common party challenges. The “Bring the Party” marketing campaign also includes digital, social media, in-store activations and public relations.

Menendez asserts that the overall marketing goal for Tostitos is a general association of the brand with the idea of the party.

“We need to cement that association so that when people think of party, they automatically think of Tostitos as a must-have to make that event great,” she explained.

Fajita_Scoops_Toolkit_FB_Post1The best way to do that, she says, is with a campaign to target Millennials, because they are the consumer group more likely to throw parties and purchase party-inspired food products.

“It was imperative for us to have extensions of this campaign in order to have them engage and immerse themselves with the brand. It’s one thing to see it on TV but when you’re actually able to have fun and engage with the brand, it’s a whole different level of engagement and loyalty that you build,” she said.

Digital toolkits available for retailers

The company also is offering innovations for retailers.

“One thing we’ve done that’s new for Tostitos and a little bit new to Frito-Lay is that we’re providing our retail partners with digital toolkits,” Menendez explained. Because retail partners have the need to build up their websites and their loyalty programs as well as promote their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they’re always looking for content. Tostitos provides them with digital toolkits, which are a collection of assets the retailers can use to promote the brands online.

Other important key “party holidays” that Tostitos hopes to be associated with include the Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo and the NFL kickoff, due in large part to the fact that these are the holidays during which Millennials party the most.

Look for in-store Tostitos displays leading up to these events.


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