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IRI Reveals Most Successful CPG Brands Of 2013

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Information Resources Inc. (IRI) has unveiled the most successful consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands in its “2013 New Product Pacesetters” report, an industry-recognized benchmark analysis of exceptional first-year CPG sales success for newly launched products. With 190,000 new UPCs and 9,500 new brand launches hitting the shelves in 2013, new products are high-octane fuel for CPG growth engines.

“Manufacturers are always striving to create breakthrough innovation, and our impressive list of the 2013 Pacesetters, which earned an average of $35 million in their first year, is no exception, as these products fuel accelerated growth and serve as catalysts for excitement in the CPG arena,” says Larry Levin, EVP and practice leader of IRI. “New product innovation is more important than just dollars, though. It builds excitement, buzz and competitive advantage. Successful new products can establish and protect category leadership, as well as help companies break into entirely new categories. In short, they are game changers for CPG companies and consumers alike.”

Added Susan Viamari, editor of Thought Leadership at IRI, “Innovation in 2013 is all about healthier-for-you products. ‘Healthy’ is truly everywhere. From food and beverages to hair care, skin care and even pet food and cleaning products, consumers not only want to look and feel their best, but they want improved wellness to extend to their homes and pets, too.”

Food and beverage launches capture $35M in year-one sales on average

For the top 100 food and beverage champions, average year-one dollar sales were $35 million. Healthy attributes played a big role in the success of new food and beverage brands. In fact, a whopping seven of the top 10, and 73 of the top 100 food and beverage products launched in 2013, offer a healthier-for-you benefit.

2013 New Product Pacesetters: top 10 food and beverage brands (total year-one dollar sales, multi-outlet)

1. Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt: $144.9 million

2. Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt: $135.1 million

3. Kellogg’s Special K Pastry Crisps: $100.6 million

4. Tostitos Cantina Tortilla Chips: $100.3 million

5. Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita: $97.4 million

6. Muller Yogurt: $95.8 million

7. Eight O’Clock K-Cups: $89.8 million

8. Pepsi Next: $83.2 million

9. Kellogg’s Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches: $77.9 million

10. Atkins Frozen Meals: $74.0 million

Consumers are still seeking a healthy, convenient way to become or stay light and fit, so three yogurt lines made the “top 10” ranking this year, with Dannon Light & Fit Greek capturing the top spot. Overall, the most prevalent “add” in 2013’s Pacesetters brands was fiber and/or whole grains, which was/were found in 42 percent of the new launches. In addition, the report underscores that “dieting” has evolved into “nutritional management.” Consumers are looking for products that remove or limit less desirable attributes, so products offering lower calories, less sugar and fewer ingredients are hitting just the right note.

Non-food champions secure $34M in year-one sales on average

In the non-food arena, average year-one dollar sales for the top 100 brands were $34 million. The best-selling launches of 2013 demonstrate the power of promising healthier, worry-free expectations and experiences, as well as of providing economical options.

Earning $2 billion in aggregate year-one launch sales, 48 out of the top 100, non-food Pacesetters deliver wellness. And, for the first time in recent Pacesetter history, three home-care products achieved top-10 status, including Tide Pods, Ajax Triple Action and Downy Infusions. Hair-care marketers are also “going big” with results, experiences and value, with L’Oreal’s Advanced Haircare and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series securing top spots.

2013 New Product Pacesetters: top 10 non-food brands (total year-one dollar sales)

1. Tide Pods: $324.6 million

2. L’Oreal Advanced Haircare: $141.8 million

3. ZzzQuil: $121.1. million

4. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series: $96.0 million

5. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy: $92.7 million

6. Downy Infusions: $90.2 million

7. Ajax Triple Action: $84.2 million

8. Always/Tampax Radiant: $83.0 million

9. Secret Outlast: $82.4 million

10. Puffs Basic: $74.5 million

New products attain ‘monster’ successes in year-one sales in convenience stores

In the convenience-store arena, average year-one sales across the top 10 IRI New Product Pacesetters were an astounding $94 million.

“The power of consumers’ pursuit of health and wellness is even seen in the convenience channel, with Neuro Drinks landing a top-10 ranking,” says Levin. “However, ‘grab and go’ indulgence is still top-of-mind for consumers, so beer, liquor, tobacco and energy drinks still dominate this channel’s best-selling launches.”

2013 New Product Pacesetters: top 10 convenience store brands (total year-one dollar sales, convenience store channel)

1. Monster Energy Ultra: $268.2 million

2. Red Bull Total Zero: $139.1 million

3. Marlboro NXT: $117.9 million

4. NJOY: $115.5 million

5. Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita: $113.1 million

6. Budweiser Black Crown: $55.9 million

7. Neuro Drinks: $52.1 million

8. Pepsi Next: $31.1 million

9. Doritos Jacked: $25.9 million

10. Starbucks Refreshers: $24.1 million

“Consumers are looking across CPG aisles for opportunities to make their homes, menus, bodies and minds healthier,” says Viamari. “CPG innovators have a significant opportunity to help consumers live well for less. Brands that provide powerful results and exciting experiences are sure to capture attention and excitement, accelerating share of spending into 2014 and beyond.”


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