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Report Reveals Health & Wellness Still Reigns As Top Marketplace Priority

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Acosta Sales & Marketing, a leading full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry, has released “Health & Wellness 360°,” a comprehensive report dedicated solely to the mega trend of health and wellness.

The report takes an all-encompassing look at health and wellness in the CPG industry, revealing six critical facets—nutritional, social, environmental, emotional, spiritual and physical—that manufacturers and retailers must address to meet consumers’ increasing pursuit of good health. The report provides tips for capitalizing on the opportunity that health-focused consumers present, outlines shopper attitudes and behaviors, examines trends such as natural and gluten free and lends insights into the role of federal and state government.

“Health and wellness is undeniably a huge trend and it has become an industry imperative,” said Colin Stewart, SVP at Jacksonville, Fla.-based Acosta. “Beyond healthcare, what industry is better positioned to impact consumers’ health and wellness? It is both a responsibility and an opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to adopt health and wellness initiatives.”

Health & Wellness 360° highlights the ways in which retailers and manufacturers have taken a holistic approach to health and wellness to address consumers’ growing interest in living healthy lifestyles. Specifically, the report reveals that:

Smart retailers know that health and wellness goes beyond selling healthy foods: More and more retailers have launched health and wellness programs and created community partnerships to support healthy living, including:

• Comprehensive wellness programs coordinated by on-staff dietitians;

• Collaboration with schools, hospitals and adult living facilities; and

• Mobile and internet-based nutrition education programs.

Manufacturers must innovate for good: New products must offer more benefits and fewer negatives to resonate with label-obsessed consumers. “New and improved” is no longer enough—the innovation and improvement should pack a nutritional punch.

• Shoppers seek whole grains, fiber, all natural, organic, antioxidants and more vitamins/minerals while trying to avoid additives/preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and high fat; and

• Front-of-package real estate is now used to position the inclusion of positive attributes (e.g., high fiber) and the absence of negative attributes (e.g., low fat).

Consumers appreciate help in their pursuit toward a healthier lifestyle.

• Respondents listed their top priorities in shopping for health as: reading food labels for ingredients (61 percent), buying fresh foods instead of frozen (56 percent), buying products from established, trusted brands (55 percent) and buying foods that don’t have unhealthy ingredients (54 percent); and

• Consumers welcome guidance and education on everything from the affordability of healthy eating to how to plan a menu.

The Health & Wellness 360° Hot Topic Report was compiled using research conducted by Acosta, as well as the company’s experience working with the nation’s leading CPG manufacturers and retailers.

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