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Lempert: Americans Throw Half Of Their Food Away Annually

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 11:49 am

According to a report by the National Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away nearly half of their food every year. The report also states that a 15 percent reduction in losses in the U.S. food supply could feed 25 million Americans annually.

This week’s segment of The Lempert Report Innovation Series, a weekly video series featuring innovation in the food world, examines cutting-edge products that can help. Sponsored by Tetra Pak in the U.S., the videos are found online at The Lempert Report’s YouTube Channel and on Tetra Pak’s U.S.consumer website.

“Consumers are responsible for more than 44 percent of the food waste in this country as they buy more food than they need or can be used before the expiration date,” says Phil Lempert, CEO and editor of The Lempert Report. “Hopefully these innovative solutions can help.”

Freshbox app
Freshbox app

One innovation called BerryBreeze is a product that periodically releases activated oxygen (called O3) into the fridge that neutralizes bacteria, mold and other microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers food decay.

An app called Freshbox has consumers snap photos of items in their fridge and set an expiration date to help avoid spoiled foods.

Foods and beverages in cupboards also can spoil, so products packaged in shelf-safe packaging offer longer storage life and better taste.

The Lempert Report is a video trend report uploaded every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


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