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Domino Foods Rolls Out Born Sweet Zing Stevia Sweetener

Zing stevia

Domino Foods Inc. is rolling out Born Sweet™ Zing™ Stevia Sweetener, a zero-calorie sweetener made with only real ingredients of high-quality stevia leaf extract and dextrose, as well as a stevia and pure cane sugar blend for baking.

Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is available in packets and in an easy-spoon jar. In addition, for those who choose to bake with a sugar substitute made from real ingredients, Zing Baking Blend provides five calories per serving. Zing Baking Blend, a stevia and pure cane sugar blend, is for calorie-conscious baking enthusiasts looking for a sweetening alternative. A convenient, easy-pour canister makes for quick measuring.

“We are certain that these new stevia sweeteners will appeal to the youthful, calorie-concerned and wellness-informed consumer who demands great-tasting food and beverages. Both the Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener and the Zing Baking Blend are for those who want to cut back on calories when sweetening, without sacrificing delicious taste,” said Brian O’Malley, CEO and president of Domino Foods. “Domino Foods has a long tradition of providing outstanding products in the sweetener category and we believe Zing Stevia Sweeteners are no exception. Our expectations are that the new sweeteners will become an essential part of daily routines as well as holiday baking experiences for years to come.”

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  • they introduced it,,, now unavsilable in any stores with in 100 miles of Wheeling W.a,,the online retailers have some. limited quanities and elevated prices plus 5.00 pper jar shipping,,,a REAL RIPOFF

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