Baltimore Restaurants Respond To Riots With Free Food And Beverage For Peacekeepers

Baltimore, Maryland, restaurants are riding out the riots by offering support in the form of free food and coffee to firefighters, police, Maryland National Guard, paramedics and EMTs as well as calling for solidarity, peace and support through social media hashtags.

Bagby Restaurant Group CEO Chris Becker said, “This is too great a city to be brought down by the difficulties we are now experiencing. The least we can do is to offer support for peacekeepers and to offer a message of reconciliation on our social media pages.”

Bagby Group operates Ten Ten American Bistro, Fleet Street Kitchen and Bagby Pizza Co. in the Harbor East area of downtown Baltimore. The group also operates Cunningham’s and Cunningham’s Cafe in Towson, Maryland. The cafe is offering free coffee to the same set of workers.

The Bagby Pizza Co. Facebook page says, “With this sad state of our city, we want to support those attempting to find order in the chaos. All active duty Baltimore and surrounding county police, firefighters and National Guardsmen ate for free April 29 at Bagby Pizza Co. Thanks to Firehouse Tavern for this great idea. #Solidarity #Peace #Support.”

In nearby Parkville, the Firehouse Tavern says on its Facebook page, “Until further notice all uniformed police and Maryland National Guard eat for free. Thank you for your service. Stay safe. Pass the word.”

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood offers this on its Facebook page, “All uniformed police, firefighters and National Guard will receive free lunch and dinner at Jimmy’s until further notice.”

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