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TW Garner Discontinues Texas Pete Chili Sauce For Hot Dogs, Hamburgers


Last updated on May 8th, 2015 at 04:32 pm

TW Garner Food Co., the makers of Texas Pete sauces and affiliated products, has discontinued its Texas Pete Chili Sauce for hot dogs and hamburgers.

“Upon careful assessment, TW Garner Food Co. ceased production of the hot dog chili sauce in order to focus resources on the company’s core product offerings and the development of some exciting new products,” the company says on its Facebook page. “As always, we are committed to providing our customers with tasty ways to add spice and flavor to their lives.”

Additional details about the discontinuation were not provided.

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, TW Garner Food Co. products are sold in supermarkets, military commissaries, convenience stores and restaurants throughout the U.S.

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  • I am so disappointed that Texas Pete Chili is being discontinued. That is the only chili we liked on our hotdogs. Now we will just have to make our own chili for the hotdogs. We will not be buying any Texas Pete products from now on.

    • I think they should at least have a limited time special order so that we can stock up.
      Quitting so abruptly, without notice, really leaves customers in a foul mood

    • I found a case (12 cans) on amazon. Not cheap! But I bought it anyway. I remember seeing it on sale periodically for 3 cans for a buck.

    • Just think; I buy Pete by the gallon. I have family in Michigan and I haul the chili sauce and Pete to them every few months. I’m really on the fence about continuing to buy Pete products though. The hot sauce makes the best wings. The chili is the ONLY one we buy.
      I would suggest everyone go to their website, contact link, and let them know what you think! (now, be nice!)

    • This is worse than the death of Piedmont Airlines. Another Winston-Salem staple gone.

    • My whole family is upset, it is the only chill we like. The other brands are bad. We want Texas Pete back in the stores.

    • I am with you. The chili they made was THEIR BEST product. I don’t spend a penny on Texas Pete products anymore.

  • We are so disappointed that you have quit making the chili sauce. It’s all my family has used since I was a little girl. I wish you could put it back onthe market. So many people have complained about it and I agree with them. Any other product you make will not be as good so therefore I am not going to buy any other Texas Pete products. This is the worst move your company could make.

  • This is unreal!!! How can you stop making something that everyone in the south loves!!! I was raised on this chili and got my family from up north loving it and now you stop it!!! I’m very disappointed! I will have to find another hot to love as well!!! This was simply the DUMBEST thing !

  • That is the only chili we have eat our entire lives and we are very sad that it is no longer available. I want buy anymore Texas Pete products.

  • Texas Pete Chili Sauce was my favorite hot dog chili. I can not believe you have discontinued it. Please, Please bring it back.

    PS – This is worse than when Coca-Cola changed their formula.

  • I can’t believe this, it’s the only chili that I will eat. Not a very good decision that ya’ll are making on discontinuing this item. I will now have to make my own. Will not buy the rest of your products.

  • darlene need to leave texas pete chili on the market have used it since i was little if had it sent to Alaska because Icould not get it there.

  • have you people lost your minds, please bring back texas pete chili. this is the only chili my family has ate since I was little. this is as southern as sweet tea its a tradition.this is almost as bad as the end of the world.

  • I don’t know who’s cockamamy idea this was….probably some young CEO that doesn’t have a clue!!! This is THE ONLY chili sauce for the south. Wake up and give the consumers what we want!!! Oh the frustration!!!!!!!

  • I am astound……this makes no sense. I will not be purchasing your products anymore. This is the worst thing you could’ve done.

  • Guess I’ll go to bunker hill chili eventhough I kinda dislike it and Frank’s for my hot sauce…this is a sad day in the south.

  • You have got to be kidding me! Something that’s is the best Chili on burgers and Hotdogs and you idiots stop making it! Will not be buying nothing Texas Pete makes! So Stupid!!

  • I went to the store the other day to get some texes pete chilli sause only to find out that it has be discontined. My family and I are so sad that disappointed, hope yall bring it back soon!!!!

  • I really don’t believe this was a smart decision. I know plenty of people who only eat Texas Pete Chili and you will see a huge decrease in your profit due to this decision. I truly do not even want to eat hot dogs anymore because of it. What is a hot dog without it?!?!

    • I agree, this is the ONLY chili I eat and I have been frustrated the last two weeks when I couldn’t find it. I use your honey mustard but I don’t use hot sauce. I will find a new honey mustard as I cannot believe the chili has been discontinued…and I am a Winston-Salem native!

  • WHY,, would you guys stop making the chilli sauce? ??? It is the BEST thing that you produce,, I can eat other brands of hot sauce, z, potatoe chips,, and anything else that you make…but chilli,, well that’s different, ,, I CAN NOT stomach any other brand,, all others that I have tried, , smell like DOG FOOD, , PLEASE,, PLEASE, , PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS DECISION, ,YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE A LOT OF CUSTOMERS. …


  • I was in the store the other week and was looking for Texas Pete Chili and was so surprised that I could not find it. I grew up on this chili and hate that you have decided discontinue making this product as it was my favorite. I hope that you will reconsider or come out with a new chili product to replace it.

  • Whoever retired and left you in charge of making such stupid and uncalled for decisions needs to be SHOT!!!!! This is do look UNreal. I hope this is a temporary move just to see what type feedback you would receive!!!! From what I’ve read so far…..YOU JUST LOSTA “LOT” OF CUSTOMERS….INCLUDING ME AND MY FAMILY!!!!!! There is NO OTHER CHILI…..Please don’t do this…. Please!!! Please!!!! Please!!!!!

  • I am very disappointed in your poor business decision to discontinue making and selling the best hot dog chili I’ve enjoyed for years! It was reasonably priced, and the best chili for hot dogs and hamburgers we’ve enjoyed as a family. You must have hired Honeywell’s shut the plants down in North Carolina, and any other locations in the United States of America! The individual, or individuals who made this decision are willing to sell out the company manufacturing Texas Pete products! I will not purchase any more products from your company until you begin making the Texas Pete Hot Dog Chili again. What a bunch of “Dunderheads”!!!!!!



  • I feel that the company should ask the consumer what they want. I personally think they should bring it back. I just found out about this via Facebook and I will be filing a complaint.

  • The first inkling I had that TexasPeteChili was missing is that I could not find it at Food Lion. Then today, no Texas Pete at Lowe’s Foods. It bothered me so much, I googled it! Guess what I found! T.W. Gardener no longer makes it! What a disappointment. I am usually not this upset when a product is no longer available. However, there is no other canned chili on the market that I like and I have used this product for decades. I don’t believe T.W. Garner can develop any new and exciting products that will impress me enough to buy them. I probably would avoid buying new products just based on the fact that I am so annoyed. So what was the profit margin on the chili? Wasn’t it good enough?

  • This is the only chili my family has eaten since as long as I can remember and I have continued to buy it as an adult. Guess I’ll have to start making my own chili now as none of the others are any good.

  • The biggest mistake your company can make. Its the number one selling hot dog anywhere around here. Sound like T.W. Gardener is ready to go out of business.

  • Glad I have one last can in cabinet. But, I only recently found out it was made with soy and not real meat, lol all these years and I never knew! Oh well, my homemade is better than canned anyway. Time to make up and freeze a batch.

  • You cannot take the best chili off the shelves, This is the best chili. What do we need to do to get the chili back on the shelves.

  • worst marketing decision ever! This chili was so good u could eat it cold right out of can. Very disappointed. Fire your entire marketing team. ASAP!

  • Big Mistake. Please rethink this. Huge product and right here at hotdog season. Please bring back the Chilli

  • I too have bought for years. I do not believe there is not a profit in this chili. I purchased 6,8,10 cans at a time. EVERY COMMENT THAT HAS BEEN ABOVE ARE ALL TRUTHS. BELIEVE THE WRITTEN WORDS. THIS REMOVAL OF TEXAS PETE CHILI WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF YOUR COMPANY. BEING 63 YEARS OLD I AM TIRED OF THE NEW CORORATE CEO’S changing and taking every thing away.This world has enough fighting and destruction. WE JUST WANT OUR CHILI BACK!!!!! WE ARE DONE WITH TW GARNER. You might not think a 79cent can of chili will hurt your pockets just watch and see we are on STRIKE OF TW GARNER!!!!!!!!

  • Wow! I had no idea it was being removed from the shelves and discontinued. What are you thinking? I’ve tried many chili sauces and have never found one that could even compete with yours. I love chili on my hot dogs and burgers but now I don’t even know what to do. I’ve turned down many hot dogs simply because it didn’t have Texas Pete Chili Sauce to go on it. You should really reconsider your actions and the effect it will have on so many loyal customers. It might be different if you were going out of business all together, but to just stop production for no good reason is ridiculous. All I can say is WOW! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider.

  • So disappointed at them. When i heard about it, i started looking and bought last 8 cans Lowes Food had. I do not like any other kind. I have eaten it all my life(thats a long time too) i have tried other chili but cant stand them. I would just like to know “WHY”? And will not believe they dont make a profit. This is a bad business choice. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  • I’m so disappointed that Texas Pete Chili has been discontinued! It’s the only chili sauce my family likes on their hotdogs and I’ve purchased many, many cans of it. I hope the company will take into consideration the opinions of the loyal customers who have expressed their disappointment in this decision and start producing it again. Discontinuing this product in order to focus on the other products produced by TW Garner does not seem to be a very good marketing strategy. I won’t be purchasing any other Texas Pete products now that this chili has been discontinued and it appears I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ll have to find a different brand of hot sauce-I won’t support a company who has so little disregard for the opinions of their customers.

  • You have got to kidding me.this is the only chilli I buy from the store if I don’t make it myself. Bad business decision!!!

  • HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER LOVING MINDS???? It is the only one and after all these comments, should not be discontinued.

  • That sucks its the only chili we have ever liked and it’s kinda messed up how you didn’t tell anyone and just stopped but life goes on just without hot dogs

  • The only hot dog chili I have ever used! I am extremely disappointed that the company gave it’s consumers no notice of the discontinuation of this! Bad business, tsk tsk!!

  • 1. It’s some factory-made chili. Y’all need to get a grip (and learn how to cook.)
    2. If you liked it that much you should have bought enough of it to make it financially advantageous to keep making it.

    • Always a stick in the mud, a bad Apple in the bunch, smart azz in EVERY situation.
      We all know it’s factory, duhhhhh!!!!
      You read ALL these comments to come back with that? Puuuuulease!

  • All this outrage is obnoxious. I also grew up with this chili…then one magical day I discovered there were different and better things outside of my family’s normal routine. Branch out, people. Try new things. Get cultured. This “chili” is not chili. It’s garbage in a can. Make your own chili. Get over it

    • Same to you Bimbo James….I mean Jumbo whoever. Dig in your GARBAGE can for your magical cultures crap. No other CANNED chili measures up to Texas Pete. Now go throw up since it’s all so obnoxious!!!

  • This is such a bad dicision. This chili is such a staple at every cookout. Loved by many. Please rethink this and bring it back.

  • This is the only good chili for hot dogs and burgers !!!! Please bring it back !!!!!!

  • very bad business decision! why must you change? have you never heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? It seems to me, by all the comments, that this is a very well liked product and by discontinuing it you will be losing a lot of loyal customers. Sad day in the south!

  • Please don’t discontinue.
    …this is the only good chili out there. Protest everyone

  • advance notice would have been nice. My husband’s favorite forever! Please consider a come back special edition can for a few months! Would make a lot of loyal customers happy.

  • This is BS!! It’s the only chili I buy, and why quit making something that you can hardly find when you go to the grocery store!! I have eaten this chili since I was a kid, and I am 45 now!! Cheeseburgers and Hotdogs will never be the same..

  • Theirs was an inferior sauce that I would choose last on the store shelf. All others were better. Especially the very best be Bunker Hill, which is like the best home maid you can make.

  • WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY a hot dog is not a hot dog with out texas pete
    Chli 🙁

  • TERRIBLE idea!! Other hot dog chilis on the market are no where near as good. Bad marketing strategy. Not a good way to keep customers loyal.

  • Has to be a upper level out of state manager making this decision who is not from the south,

  • this is absolutely the worst decision you could have made in your business. grew up on this chilli, nothing else, and i am 63 years old. you have lots of products you can change, but not the chilli, please bring it back, if not you will loose alot of business, and not to mention no profit, bad sad decision, no good for business………… bring it back, listen to your loyal customers, they are the ones that built your business and made your profit………………..

  • Please rethink your decision. This is mine, as well as a lot of other people’s only chili that we have used all of our lives. I am very disappointed and upset.

  • This is a big mistake. It is the only Chili I like for my Hotdogs. Will not be burying any more Texas Pete Products. This is the only Chili that is good for Hotdogs.

  • Who’s with me start a petition . Bring back Texas Pete chilli..awesome stuff they are based out of Winston Salem NC ..close to my neck of the woods

  • I really I’m disappointed this is the only chili I use wtf this is crazy I will not be buying any of ur product’s ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worse business decision ever! Only chili my family would eat! I’m definitely boycotting Texas Pete…yall gonna regret this decision!

  • i have only used Texas Pete chili because this is what I was raised on. You people have got to be kidding me. You are making the absolute worst marketing decision ever. I will stop using all Texas Pete products—- items that have been staples in my home all my life. This is cruel. What are ou going to do when everyone does the same thing and stops supporting you?? You better think long and hard before you are left begging to be a Walmart greeter because your company goes bankrupt!!!

  • P-L-E-A-S-E This is the only hot dog sauce we buy….. Make your new products, BUT, keep this sauce…You can see their are many, many people who wish to have it available….My daughter cleaned the shelf at Just Save…..Hoping you reconsider and keep making TEXAS PETE HOT DOG SAUCE…..Come on and do it…..

  • my Favorite! Please do not stop making the Great product! Always purchase for hotdogs and hamburger So!

  • I am disappointed. I hope the company will change its mind. Hotdogs and hamburgers will never taste good again without Texas Pete. It stayed sold out because it was so popular.

    • I notice it in the store, i couldnt find , I love this chill, I knew the lady who started the Garner co., She use to live in the Nursing home were i worked, she use talk to everyone tell us stores bout how her and her husband started the Co. Her husband named the chill after his cousin
      Pete, i told her it was the best and we are no other kind… im sad it gone, pur hotdogs want taste the same, it was a part of America!! Texas Pete Chill and Texas Pete Hot Sauce

  • Get a grip people, it is canned chili. Ignorance is hard to fix, they discontinue 1 item and you will now no longer purchase anything from the company? Makes total sense. Maybe the 100 or so people making a comment on this article were the only people left still buying chili in a can.

  • NO!NO!NO!NO! I am 62 years old and this is the only hot dog chili we ever had in our house when I was a kid and thru until now!!! I cannot believe you are getting rid of the best ever hot dog chili ever made!!! This is a very bad decision and I hope you will reconsider this!!

  • My post as well as other family members have posted our comments on the TW Garner Company Website – THIS DECISION IS UNAMERICAN AND AS I SAID ON THE COMPANY WEBSITE……THE DOORS OF BANKRUPTCY COURT WILL BE WIDE OPEN FOR THIS POOR BUSINESS DECISION YOU HAVE MADE . Remember the Boston Tea Party…..Well its now the WINSTON SALEM NC CHILI PARTY.

  • I can never eat chili again! This is the only kind I have ever liked! I don’t know what I’m going to do. Hot dogs or tater tots with no chili…
    I think this is a huge mistake by this companies marketing department. Stores couldn’t keep it on the shelves, and I bought it by the flat during the year. We used that chili in a lot of recipes.
    I’m devastated!!!!

  • Noooooooo!!! Say it isn’t true!! The only chili in a can I like! My Grandpa always used that brand and every time I used it I would think if him. Chili with memories. . .

  • Im so so disappointed about your company discontinuing my favorite chili. I’ve been to all the grocery stores looking for it. No one could tell me anything. So now i know. The fact that i love your chili, that should be enough for you to bring it back. Please. Thank u

  • I don’t know why you want us to believe this is a good move. It sounds more like you are making cutbacks and have to sacrifice a product to do so. Lame brain idea! I only bought Texas Pete Chili Sauce. I promise I will never buy another of your products. Enjoy the losses.

  • NOOOOOOOOO Please say no. I am so very sad! Best chili ever. I never want chili again!

  • Wish you would reconsider. I grew up on it. When we became vegan a couple of years ago, we were pleased to find out your chili was vegan! Bring it back!

  • …No more split fried hot dogs for me. This is the only chili sauce I have ever liked or bought. Wh do they always discontinue the best things.

  • very disappointed to hear that Texas Pete is my favorite chili the rest is very nasty


  • It is apparent that your company doesn’t care what your customers think!!!! I’ll never buy another one of your products. I will do my best to convince my family, friends, and anyone I see buying your products, to buy a different brand. I have been eating Texas Pete since I was under 6 years old. I am now 57. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW VENTURES OR WHATEVER YOU PLAN TO DO. BUT DO IT WITHOUT ALL YOUR “DECADES” OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! disappointed the texas pete chili is no longer available. Please REVIVE it..We so desperate would lit continued

  • PLEASE bring the chili back!!!! It was the best. Nothing else compares, nothing! And being vegetarian, it is the only one I have ever found that was vegetarian friendly. I ate it on buns with slaw and mustard (meat eaterd fell in love with my idea). I also ate it with chips, cheese, and by the spoonful! My whole life, this was a weekly part of my life.

  • I know how to cook and I can make good chili myself! I also know what’s in the can wasn’t actually chili! However I still really enjoyed it on my hotdog for something quick and easy! It has been around as long as I can remember and I don’t understand for the life of me why the company decided to quit making it!!! Very poor business decision! I won’t be purchasing any other products from your company just on principle! Very disgusted!

  • I just drove around to Walmart, Food Lion, Family Dollar, Dollar General, a Fuel Doc, and two Arabic stores looking for Texas Pete Chili. Luckily, I found 2 cans at one of the Arabic stores because all the other places didn’t have it. To know it is discontinued, kills me. Please bring it back, I grew up off this chili and it is the only chili I will ever buy because I have no idea what the other brands taste like.

  • Please don’t do away with Texas Pete Chili ! It has been around for as long as I can remember and that is 62 years ! There is no other chili that can take it’s place . So , please , please ,please think about keeping it on the market !

  • I am so upset that Texas Pete chili has been discontinued!! I have went to every store to see if there was any anywhere. I refuse to eat hotdogs without this chili and I also use it to make chili fries!! I SOOOOOO WANT THIS CHILI TO COME BACK!!

  • You could double the price and I would be glad to pay if you bring back the chili. I bet my family used it for 50 years! I will still use the hot sauce which is the best ever!!!

  • I am following my husband with a TREMENDOUS PROTEST!!! This marketing decision will decrease your customer base dramatically! Did TW Garner make a decision based on TP Chili being unable to be made safely? I went to eight grocery stores in Youngsville, NC, Raleigh, Va. Beach and Williamsburg, Va. the past ten days to find your chili. Needless to say, I had no luck! Someone left a note to your company at Food Lion in North Raleigh! Please read it and respond to it and all your unhappy customers here!
    In closing unless you bring back your chili in a timely fashion, my friends family and I will no longer purchase your products!!! Hopefully, this should get your CEO’s attention! So sad what you have done to your loyal customers which have a long longevity with you.

  • This is so sad! I grew up on Texas Pete chili my hotdogs and sausages will never be the same…I hope they bring it back . we need a petition to keep the chili.

  • The new management of your company is clearly one that has not developed a great long term business plan. Someone should have figured out how to market a product that for over thirty years was made of soy, not meat. For goodness sakes, more and more people are becoming vegetarian. How the heck could that be? As we say in the south,now “you done pissed us off. ” Why would we buy any of your sauces over any other brands? Answer: WE WONT. And what happened to all the people who helped make the chllli in Winston Salem, did they lose their jobs? Wow… poor decision. Since you are of that generation of people with poor decision making skills, lack of appreciation to your customer base, and an inability to clearly and accurately define the future, we are putting you in time out.

  • Truly DISAPPOINTED….. This was the only chili sauce myself or my family would use. You would think being a business you might want to consider taking a poll from your CUSTOMERS of what to remove from shelves as opposed to making an irrational decision as such.

  • Yes it is sad that they have quit making their chile what’s next jelly ? Franks Hot sauce is better than Texas Pete anyway

  • What a disappointment. Checked a couple of groceries to no avail, Googled the product
    and found the announcement. Nothing else on the market compares. Not a happy
    hot dogger!!!

  • No..no..no…tell me this is some freakish nightmare. Please let me wake up, go to the store and see Texas Pete chili on my grocery store shelf. What do-dah head decided chili wasn’t one of their “core” products? This is truly a very sad day for the hot dog. Think of all those countless buns and wieners being abandoned on the shelves all because their favorite sidekick got kicked to the curb by corporate America. Well here is a message to that corporate America : “IF IT ISN’T BROKE, PLEASE DON’T TRY TO FIX IT! !!!!!!” THOSE WHO DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.

  • What a stupid decision to stop making a superb decision….makes one truly wonder bout TP’ business acumen& financial viability.

  • I can not believe that y’all are discontinuing this product .This is like the best chili and why would you do this right now during grilling season. Have y’all completely lost your minds and you didn.t even give us a heads up you just stop .This is un fair and if you care anything about your customers you wouldn’t do this. This is unbelievable and did I mention right here at grilling season just unbelievable.

  • After not seeing it in my grocery store for a few weeks I consulted Mr. Google, who led me here. I’m shocked and disappointed to learn that the only hotdog chili we’ve used for years is no longer being made. I’ll grant you that it wasn’t perfect, but the other brand we’ve tried lately is a poor substitute. I guess we’ll have to keep looking 🙁

  • Please bring back the Chilli sauce. It is by far the best hot dog Chilli sauce you can buy in the store

  • This is so truly unAmerican!!! I did not believe it at first but there are no cans in the grocery stores and Amazon wants basically $6.00 a can! It is a staple for us! Butttt… Take it, I will just makes chili for hot dogs from my Mom’ great recipe! So disappointed!

  • i cannot believe that you are stopping production on such a staple in most southern bred homes. This chili has been in my family for I know 50 plus years. This is the only chili that is allowed in my house. We do not eat any of the “Castleberry or Bunker Hill” dog food. I will purchase homemade hot dog chili from a local hot dog joint. I use Texas Pete hot sauce in my bbq sauce, my dipping sauces and even add it to my hot dogs. I won’t any longer. I will not buy anymore Texas Pete products to be in my house, and join a lot of others that feel the same. For the ones that are saying get over it, you don’t understand. This is a North Carolina product that has been on the vast majority of tables in the SOUTH. Just as red hot dogs has been. You people need to get over it and let us fight for something that we all cherish, and that is Texas Pete Chili!!!!!!!

  • I need my ‘Texas Pete Chili,’ it’s the Best even though it’s a factory product that made it. The corporate really, really, really, and I mean really need to think about this decision because I know that this is not the right decision that was made. I have tried other Chili’s, guess what? None was great nor good enough to eat, Why? Because it wasn’t ‘Texas Pete Chili.’Bring it back because a hot dog is not a hot dog without the great taste of ‘Texas Pete Chili.’ Just bring it back, bring it back.
    (Wake Up Call )

  • TW Garner…..Please bring back the CHILLI I grew up on…..now I am forced to eat my wifes homemade chilli and its not the same.

  • are you people crazy? This is the only chilli I like and there is never going to be more!!! BRING BACK TEXAS PETE CHILLI. WE LOVE IT.

  • How could you just take anything off the market with no warning#unprofessional! My family and I grew up on Texas Pete chilli and to found out that it was discontinued#verydisappointing!!

  • What are you thinking Garner Foods??? I am so disappointed to learn the Chili sauce has been discontinued. It is the ONLY chili sauce I eat – Love it!!!!! I have recently tried other brands – they are not good. I’ve got one can of Chili sauce left in my cabinet – guess I’ll have to save it for a special occasion. Please bring it back.

  • …That was the only chili we used for a long long time!!!! Now we have to use yucky chili or none at all… DO ALL THESE COMMENTS NOT MEAN SOMETHING TO YOU??????!?

  • Please bring back this chili. I don’t eat beef and it was perfect for me!

  • And here I was going from store to store..and now I see, NO MORE TEXAS PETE CHILI. Bring it back. The other chili, I DO NOT LIKE. Texas Pete…Texas Pete. .. cookout will never be the same.. shame on you.. this company

  • I am really mad I drove to every store to find this chili because this is the only kind I like. I have been eating it ever since I was a kid and to find out its no more. Please bring it back. #heartbroken

  • Please bring back my chili this is the only chili I eat. I have been eating it ever since I was a kid. And to find out no one sells it anymore. My heart is broken no other chili compares to this. And I drove to every store that I shop at to find it. #sosad

  • I guess all or some of the other chili companies threatened to sue them because Texas Pete chili was killing there sales because it’s just ### better than there’s. And to all the others out there who don’t think It’s all that good ? KEEP EATING THE CRAP YOU THINK IS GOOD CHILI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment…Of all the T.W. Garner products, the chili was my least favorite. I love other Texas Pete products and I will continue to buy the other products. I’ve made my own chili for years and will continue to do so even if the chili was brought back. People…….get a grip on life. T.W. Garner’s decision to stop making one product out of a great line of product will cause you to stop buying other TWG products? I’m sure it was a business decision based on sound judgment. They have their reasons so get over it. To talk about the management of the company and how bad they are borders on the ridiculous. If the management group were that bad, the company would not have survived for all these years. So again, get over it.

  • My husband says he will never eat another hot dog again, because this is the only chili he liked on his hot dog. Very upset they stopped making it :((((

  • I truly cant believe you disco this ….This was the best chili made . Thanks for the memories of greatness….so disappointed

  • Apparently you did not consider the right market when making your extremely poor decision to discontinue production of your Texas Pete Chili. I was raised on it, raised my children on it, and at 60 years of age and almost 40 years of marriage, am a firm believer in if it “ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” A staple for every Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day picnic, you have single-handedly taken away an American tradition as important to me as Apple Pie. PLEADE RECONSIDER and bring it back EXACTLY the way it was. It doesn’t need to be “new and improved ” it just needs to be back on the shelves ASAP. We have hot dogs about once a week at my house so you’re missing out on income from this household and I won’t be buying your hot sauce (which is also my favorite) until my favorite, one-and – only chili finds it way back. Think about this while you’re celebrating 4th of July in a few weeks!!!!!

  • I am so disappointed! I love this chili sauce better than any other on the market! Please consider bringing it back!

  • you have to be kidding me. i moved from north carolina 33 years ago and each trip back i loaded up on the sauce, because nothing else is its equal, very sad

  • This is very disappointing. Texas Pete chili was the ONLY chili worth buying. I think your company will suffer for this decision and I hope you will reconsider and bring it back.

  • That was the only chili I ate and now I don’t have that so can you please make it again I need it

  • Y’all really discontinued something lots of people love. When people love a product so much that’s when you keep making it. I love Texas Pete chilli and I can’t say I’ll stop buying your product because I love Texas Pete hotsauce. I want use no other cause its not good to me so don’t get rid of that. And bring back the chilli. What’s wrong with y’all?

  • I wished I had known so I could have bought a truck load I to love it plus I could sell it on craigslist and made a small fortune bring it back and add 25 cents or a dollar to the price il pay but if its gone for good then so am I as a tw garner customer

  • Not happy that the chili has been discontinued. This is the only chili I have bought. Grew up on this chili. Wish we’d had a warning so I could have bought some up. I haven’t make hot dogs or hamburgers in a while due to not being able to get Texas Pete Chili Sauce.

  • NNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!! SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im am beyond disappointment 30 yrs loyal consumption and just like that gone

  • We were getting ready for our Fourth of July cookout and we were totally thrown for a loop when we found out that we couldn’t get Texas Pete hot dog chili. We bought another brand the last time we cooked hotdogs and thought that Harris Teeter had just stopped carrying it. The other brand was totally unacceptable. This time we went online looking to see who carried our old standby, Texas Pete, only to find that it has been discontinued! There’s nothing out there like it, so we’re at a complete loss as to what to do. Please reconsider and bring it back. We promise we’ll buy it!

  • Well, I am disappointed! I don’t eat hotdogs myself, but Texas Pete Chili,mustard,onions and cheddar cheese on a hot dog bun were my go to whenever the rest of the family ate hotdogs. What a bummer!

  • I went to Food Lion were I shop and ask the manager to order more Texas Pete chili sauce, he told me it had been discontinued, I could not believe it, I live in the south and that’s , the only chili you eat on hotdogs and hamburgers. There’s know other chili that’s compare to Texas Pete chili, this was not fair to the people who love Texas Pete chili not to have let us know. We want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sad state of affairs in relation to the loss of Texas Pete. Double the price or triple it. We’ll still buy it . it’s the best. Don’t let corporate win on this one. What next ? No sabretts?

  • I also used Texas Pete. I couldn’t believe it when my sister told me it was being discontinued. Everyone I knew used TP. Most of our parents used it so therefore we all grew up with it and it is the only one we know.How would you like to have part of your life taken away? I think you just lost your GOLDMINE. Two many chili eaters are disappointed. Shame on you::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;

  • I’m so upset this chili cannot be bought anymore, my mom used this when I was a child. I will be sixty years old August 1. I wish I would have known the product was no longer going to be made I would have cleaned the shelves. Please reconsider !

  • I echo all the others when I say that this was a terrible move on your part. I don’t know whose inane idea it was to discontinue making Texas Pete chili sauce, but PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider and bring it back. And especially to have stopped making it with NO warning…that was inconsiderate and tacky…unprofessional and very disloyal to probably millions of very loyal customers. When I lived out of state years ago and couldn’t find Texas Pete in my grocery stores, my mom shipped some to me! It is the ONLY chili sauce for hot dogs and hamburgers…it’s the only condiment I eat on them. Have tried other chilis and they are nasty.
    Please bring it back!

  • Hmmm.. Funny thing, we have been trying to find out what happened to this chili for a bit now. Our local store pulled it all off the shelves a few months ago and the clerk told us there was a major recall. I can’t find anything about that on the net and now I come across this saying they discontinued it? Well then why pull the remainder of the shelf? This happened at all of our local stores and we live in North Carolina.. Something doesn’t add up, apparently it was a favorite among many people like myself..

  • I can’t believe no mo texas pete chill over 50 years and now you quit?. fire them bean pickers u have and get back making chilli

  • Totally unbelievable, was very disappointed when I went to go buy some today and was told they discontinued it. HUGE MISTAKE

  • Please bring back our texas pete. I can’t believe you have taken away our favorite chili.

  • Whoever come up with this idea had to be a little dumb, not just dumb but stupid.
    If it is not broken don’t fix it, no more T.P. Products for me, what a stuPid idea.
    Oh!!! Maybe GM will stop selling cars, you dummies.

  • Please reconsider. Texas Pete chilli was the best on the market. Its a great product.

  • If I can’t have the chili sauce I won’t eat any of There products or anything that’s made with it like cookout barbecue sandwiches

  • i feel the same way i enjoyed that when we went camping i will just have to find another brand of hot sauce!!


  • Like so many others I am so disappointed that you no longer make Texas Pete chili.Have tried other chili sauces, they taste awful. Please reconsider! You would think you would want to make a product that is so popular with so many people. That is what business is all about, right? Make other products but please put Texas Pete Chili back on the shelves for us. Will be praying you do. Thank you in advance.

  • This was the only Chili my family woud eat! It was delicious and fat free! So now I guess we will have to make our own recipe! Because we’ve tried everything else out there and their either loaded with fat or really nasty tasting! This is really sad because we love our hot dogs! I don’t know who”s bright idea this was, but I have alway’s said (If It’s Not Broken Don’t TRY To Fix It)!! Please bring it back or at least share the recipe! I’m like everyone else I refuse to buy anymore Texas Pete product’s until something is done about our chilli fix! So I say we all go on strike until we get our Favorite Chille back! So to all my friends out there ….. ************ Don’t Buy Any Texas Pete Product’s **********************************

  • No Texas Pete Chilli Then no longer a need to buy hot-dog buns, wieners, cole slaw, relish and a few other items that slip my mind.
    So I guess we can all thank TW Garner for a reduction in your sales. So sorry Ruth’s, sorry Ocsar Myers, sorry Ball Park… sorry bun companies. TW Garner has ruined 4th a July and Memorial day gathering for everyone.

  • Who bright ideas was it to stop making texas pete chilli,that is &was the best it was for hot dogs. I do not have time to make chilli when I want to eat a hotdog I could just it my texas pete. If I had known that it was going to be discontinued I would have bought all the cans I could fine.
    The other chilli is not good,it don’t even look good setting on the shevles that’s why I do not buy them and never will. So please bring back the d—–m chilli.

  • Boone Brands located in Sanford, NC has a hot dog chili sauce that will soon be in production. Stay tuned, this sauce may be a great sub for taste buds. The product will be announced soon on the website. Boone Brands was one of the co/packers for Texas Pete sauce.

    Check this website often for the availability of hotdog sauce. http://www.BooneBrands.com

  • Whoa!!! I’m just getting this new and I’m not happy at all. This was the only chili that I ate and their hot sauce is the only one I use also. Can I start a petition to bring it back. This SUCKS!!!

  • They need to bring Texas Pete back Imy family needs it back cause that’s the only kind we used and don’t like the others

  • I have been looking for Texas Pete Chili Sauce for months and just found out it has been discontinued. What a great disappointment! I can’t find any other chili that’s even close to the same taste. I regret the horrible decision to stop making it. I would pay double for it. PLEASE bring it back! Soon!!


  • boone foods has come out with texas tailgate chili sauce it’s great to me taste like texas pete chili sauce

  • I am very disappointed we can not buy this product anymore. I have looked everywhere for it. I always make homemade chili. But I always added Texas Pete to it. The chili needs the added taste of the can chili to it with all that flavor. I have tried other brands it does not taste the same can’t make GREAT CHILI anymore. I do wish you would start selling it again.

  • Worst decision ever…I grew up in the South with this and being a Vegetarian was the best chili for me because it’s made from soy…..I know you probably don’t care what a few people think, but it looks like a ton of people loved your product and have good family memories connected with this product….Please reconsider bringing it back…..

  • I agree! Thank goodness they brought it back to NC. Everyone I know were trying to learn how to make their own home made because none of the other chili could top Texas Pete. Thanks for listening to us. We love your chili

  • You suck, I grew up on this chili sauce, never purchasing anymore of your products ever

  • Ive been eating texas pete chili all my life and I love it and its the best chili i have ever eaten and no other chili compares. there are a lot of disappointed people in NC where I live, now we have to make our own chili but not as good as texas pete **please start making it again my kids even love it on loaf bread with mustard .

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