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Lean Cuisine Brand Gets A Makeover

Lean Cuisine

Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 10:11 am

The Lean Cuisine brand says it is reintroducing itself as a modern eating brand and ally for women’s wellness.

No longer focused on diet, the Lean Cuisine brand relied on insights from hundreds of women as it evolved to reflect a shift in the way Americans—primarily women—are eating and shopping. Women want chef-inspired, ethnic dishes that offer a variety of attributes and bold yet simple packaging that stands out in the aisles, according to Lean Cuisine.

As part of the transformation, the Lean Cuisine brand is introducing 10 new recipes within the Lean Cuisine Marketplace range, all offering modern benefits. From the new line, shoppers can choose Pomegranate Chicken or Sweet Sriracha Braised Beef as gluten-free, high-protein options, Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken and Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables as one-cup vegetable and no-preservative options, and Mushroom & Spring Pea Risotto and Cheese & Bean Enchilada Verde, made with organic ingredients and no GMOs.

“We’ve committed ourselves to completely making over Lean Cuisine to align with the way people are selecting and enjoying their food,” said Jeff Hamilton, president of Nestlé Prepared Foods. “Giving shoppers choices within the frozen food aisle is a pillar of the Lean Cuisine brand, and we know that they want more than just new flavors—they want transparency around ingredients in their food and they are seeking new approaches. We’re motivated to do what’s right for our consumers, and from the Lean Cuisine brand, offering a greater ingredient choice is something we know they want.”

In addition to the food, the Lean Cuisine brand says it is introducing its new purpose: “to feed the greatness in every woman.” “Feed Your Phenomenal” means not only providing women with foods that satisfy their needs; it means recognizing and supporting each woman’s unique wellness pursuit and the unseen things women do every day that go unnoticed, according to the brand. Real, modern, everyday phenomenal women help convey the brand’s new spirit in its latest advertising, digital, PR and shopper marketing campaign.

“We spoke with hundreds of women and found that their eating preferences vary significantly from one woman to the next. Whether the preference is organic, gluten free or eating more protein, they expect the food must always taste great,” said Julie Lehman, marketing director for the Lean Cuisine brand. “Women also perceive the critical role food plays in powering their busy lives, and this presents us with the opportunity to meet those varying needs in a meaningful way.”

The Lean Cuisine brand’s research also uncovered four distinct “food moods” that guide meal selection. As a result, the brand has reorganized its broad offering into sublines that are more reflective of the ways women make their food choices. The new sublines include:

  • Marketplace: For times when women seek modern foods and chef-inspired offerings, such as the Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese made with pasta, organic butter and no GMOs or Sweet & Spicy Korean-Style Beef, a high-protein, gluten-free option. Suggested retail prices for these items are $2.99, consistent with the rest of the line.
  • Craveables: Includes indulgent, casual food you would find at a neighborhood bar, such as pizza and sandwiches, and features many items that are high in protein, such as Traditional Pepperoni Pizza, which has 20g of protein.
  • Comfort: Perfect when only comforting, home-cooked flavors will satisfy, this line includes Cheddar Bacon Chicken, Chicken in Sweet BBQ Sauce and many others.
  • Favorites: Includes enduring “favorite recipes” such as Spaghetti with Meatballs and other popular, existing recipes.

The brand says the new packaging features a bold, new look with striking colors and modern food photography to signal the its transformation. Each subline has a distinct look that separates it from other lines, helping to simplify the recipe selection process.

“Through our deep experience and research, we understand that Americans are highly individualized when it comes to food preferences,” said Hamilton. “With this relaunch, we’re bringing our expertise to the creation of modern recipes and offering the choices women have told us they want. But what you’ve always counted on from the Lean Cuisine brand—the great tasting food coupled with responsible nutrition—that hasn’t changed at all.”

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