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Schwan Food Co. To Form Chef Collective, And More…

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 05:09 pm

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The Schwan Food Co. has formed Schwan’s Chef Collective, a team of up-and-coming chefs from across the U.S. who will assist in developing the next generation of Schwan-branded frozen foods. The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s commitment to removing four ingredient groups from foods sold by every subsidiary of Schwan, including Schwan’s Home Service, Schwan’s Consumer Brands and Schwan’s Food Service. “We believe the Schwan’s Chef Collective will help us change the way people think about the  frozen food  category,” said Dimitrios Smyrnios, CEO of Schwan Food Co. “We are proud to work with these talented chefs to make a spectrum of great food—indulgent-to-wholesome, convenient-to-authentic and simple-to-sophisticated—with the goal of  exciting our retail, foodservice and home-delivery customers.” As a part of Schwan’s Chef Collective, chefs will partner with the Schwan culinary team based in Marshall, Minnesota. The inaugural team includes seven accomplished chefs external to the company who have honed their crafts in diverse culinary ventures across the country—from restaurants to food trucks and even the development of cookbooks.

The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) will host a bowling networking event Tuesday, March 1, at the Pinz Entertainment Complex in Milford, Massachusetts, from 6-10 p.m. The event is entitled, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter,” and the entertainment complex includes four private bowling alleys and a billiards table…

The New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association is planning a Restaurant Week, March 18-25. For information, call 603-228-9585.

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