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Schnucks Rolls Out ‘Schnupons’ Digital Coupon Program

schnucks schnupons

Last updated on April 22nd, 2016 at 12:36 pm

Schnucks shoppers now have the option to clip and save their grocery store coupons online. Schnupons, as they are referred to, are digital coupons that provide a convenient way for customers to receive additional weekly savings and a simpler way to redeem them during checkout, according to the St. Louis-based grocer.

Shoppers can register for Schnupons at schnucks.com to access offers from the best-known and most popular food brands. Once their account is activated, shoppers can digitally clip the paperless coupons that are then stored onto their digital wallet. To redeem the coupons, customers provide their phone number at checkout and the savings will automatically be deducted from their total bill.

“The increased efficiency in searching for discounts online, combined with greater in-store ease during checkout, will result in a distinctively different shopping experience for our customers,” said Chris Mittendorf, director of center store for Schnucks.

Mittendorf says the Schnupons experience will become more personalized for shoppers over time, with deals improving as their use of the program increases.

“Schnupons are a new and exciting way to engage customers both in terms of finding great deals digitally and enhancing their in-store experience,” added Greg Jackson, director of digital marketing for Schnucks.

Schnucks currently operates 99 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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  • When will this digital coupon deal be working? Because it does not work and the staff at the store does not have a clue how to help. you. PLEASE REPLY.

    • Unfortunately, we have no way to assist you. You have alerted Schnucks’ corporate office that this is not working?

  • Sucks you can’t get together and figure it ut or remove the program. Your spending money on the app so your throwing your money away.

  • I tried over and over to register for the Schnupons and cannot find a way to get registered at all. Why is this so complicated. ?

  • I enrolled and got it to work once…after that every time I log in it won’t let me go to the schnupon page to clip any, it just keeps reloading me to the log in page…it is so frustrating!!!

  • Second.time i have tried to use this, did not work and employees are told not to give the customer the item at coupon price unless it works
    Not our fault☹

  • They can not give me the schnoupon , I am sighed in, I have the app on my phone, My # comes up, it doesn’t work at the checkout

  • I am registered, however whenever I go to clip a coupon it reloads the page. So I can’t clip any of them.

  • I love Schnucks; I hate this Schnoupon thing. IT DOES NOT WORK. Please
    don’t make me go to Krogers – or Walmart. Please!

  • I cannot get on the page that I can clip on, it shows my phone # and I’ve been on twice with success but after many tries tonite it does not work.

  • It just doesn’t work !! First time after signing in and clipping it didn’t work in the store. Second time I was shopping for a friend who was registered and had clipped ….. it didn’t work at all. Another try after 2 phone calls about the problems …. worked for 1 item but not another. This is ridiculous !!!! Certainly NOT worth the trouble as other grocery stores in the area have the same program —- theirs works every time; never a problem. It should either be fixed or axed !

  • Christmas Eve and your site STILL won’t work. Tried 3 times to log in and it kicks me out with an “Internal Error Message”? You’ve got to be kidding me. I see Schnupons in your store, but you won’t let me use them because I need to sign up? However, your web site won’t work to do so. Maybe you should consider actually testing your software before rolling it out to the public?

    Back to Kroger’s for their on-line deals. What you’re doing is making people buy things without the discount advertised because there’s NO WAY to enroll. (Do I hear lawsuit????)

  • DOES ANYONE FROM SCHUCKS MONITOR THIS SITE? I suggest that you read the above comments.


  • Well I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t get signed on! What a disappointment for a large company .We pay your salaries
    and this is what we get NONSENSE!

  • I’ve tried several times..it will not let me log in..have asked several people to help..it works for no one. I do have an iPhone and it still doesn’t work. Why on earth make it so difficult for faithful customers? You need to get rid of this or fix it..NOW !!!!

  • I’m fed up with the ridiculous Schnupon scam! It should not matter which version of smartphone we have. I have an Android 4.3 and the Schnupons scam doesn’t work with it, so I don’t have the reward of using Schnupons. Corporate headquarters is a joke. They don’t answer emails. They’ll answer the online form with “please call our office during working hours.” NO! I’m working full time. I can’t call during their working hours! Also, my store has a practice of not posting the correct prices on the shelves, even though the products are listed on sale in the weekly ad.

  • It does not work I have tried for a year and it worked 1 time only.!!!!! That just makes me go to the store down the street.

  • The featured coupon for the week still hasn’t been posted. If they’re good from Wednesday to Tuesday you
    should post them by Wednesday.

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