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AGNE Stores Enhance Efficiencies With New POS Systems


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:54 pm

Harvest Market, Vista Foods and Sully’s Superette, three community retailers in New Hampshire and Vermont that are owned and operated by Associated Grocers of New England (AGNE), recently upgraded their point-of-sale software systems.

Produced by Dumac, the new system has helped the three AGNE banners increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations, particularly cash management. The three grocers utilize the safe balancing tool, which improves the accuracy of balancing the cash in the store’s safe at the end of a shift. This streamlined approach reduces the time required when changing shifts and virtually eliminates counting errors, according to the grocers.

“Everything is faster with RORCv6,” said John Bilodeau, store manager of Sully’s Superette in Goffstown, New Hampshire. “RORCv6 speeds up the reporting process, the cash balancing capability saves time and employees can now move customers more quickly through the checkout line.”

Another tool aids e-commerce and promotions. AGNE recently rolled out online grocery shopping at its Sully’s locations in Goffstown and Allentown, New Hampshire, with the integration of Rosie’s e-commerce platform into the RORCv6 system. In addition, RORCv6 has enabled all three retailers to easily set up promotions and specials through the system’s promotion management tool.

“RORCv6 gives us the ability to set up and create promotions that we couldn’t before,” said Bob Fitzpatrick, store manager of Vista Foods in Laconia, New Hampshire. “We also can now include some types of pricing that wasn’t previously available, making it easier for us to run advertising on register receipts. If we want to place advertising on receipts, all we do is walk to the back office and set it up on the computer. It’s as simple as a click of the mouse.”

In addition to enhancing operations at each store, the system has provided important benefits to AGNE at a corporate level.

“We use RORCv6 to automate all sales reporting for each of our six stores,” said Nancy Pierce, retail bookkeeping manager for AGNE. “The system automatically sends sales reports to store managers and helps facilitate the flow of information throughout the organization.”

Added Phil McCarthy, VP of Dumac Business Systems, “Because RORCv6 was developed exclusively for independent grocers, we’re able to customize its capabilities easily to meet each individual store’s needs as well as organization-wide requirements. We’re thrilled to partner with AGNE on continuously delivering a superior POS experience with RORCv6.”

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