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Tehachapi Save Mart Is Banner’s Sixth Store To Include Brand Refresh

Save Mart

Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 09:12 am

Save Mart hosted a grand reopening Thursday at its store in Tehachapi, California. The celebration marked the culmination of a months-long transformation that modernized the store both on the inside and outside, including the logo.

“The interior looks amazing. You’ll want to shop all day here. We’re offering more products and services that today’s families want,” said store manager Tim King. “It’s essentially a brand new store for the community.”

This is the sixth store under the Save Mart banner to incorporate the brand’s fresh, updated look—with new features geared toward convenience and service, including:

• Burrito/taco/nacho bar;

• A “Valley Fresco” case with vegetable/fruit-infused water and fresh-cut produce;

• Specialty sandwiches;

• Salad and hot soup bar;

• New meat counter;

• Expanded selection of natural, organic and bulk foods;

• Café seating with Wi-Fi; and

• Self-checkout lanes.

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  • Thank god savemart is trying to keep up with the Winco’s that are stealing away their big basket shopping business!! Listen this is the main company not including hated Walmart who are knocking the heck out of the once mighty Save Mart. I worked In his industry for over 40 years and remember when this company set the standards for the grocery business, but because of the stubborn leaders at the top not wanting to compete with price many customers have run to the two aforementioned company’s, one Winco who truly takes very good care of it’s employees, pay, and benefits, so Save Mart cannot blame its employees pay and benefits for losing market share. I know many retired Save Mart employees and managers, and supervisors and find it shocking how many shop elseware, and not taking care of the hand that fed them! I really think the company needs to address this by offering a discount card for employees and retired. They still have many stores that need help, outside Madera Cleveland Ave, terrible! Paint, sign, looks bad. I understand this is a start refreshing and updating heir stores, box stores too which drive most of their sales, but unless this process keeps going strong, I think this company will sell to somebody with deep pockets like Kroger, and this might be best, but hope only the very best, as Bob was a genius.

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