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Coffee Brands Ranked Top Selling On Amazon Grocery


Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 09:07 am

One Click Retail data and sales measurements find that three out of five of the top selling brands on Amazon Grocery are coffee.

According to One Click Retail’s, the top 5 highest-selling grocery and food brands on Amazon are:

1. San Francisco Bay Coffee (~2 percent of Amazon grocery and food share)

2. KIND (~2 percent of Amazon grocery and food share)

3. Green Mountain Coffee (~2 percent of Amazon grocery and food share)

4. Gerber (~1 percent of Amazon grocery and food share)

5. Starbucks Coffee (~1 percent of Amazon grocery and food share)

While these top 5 brands are strong on Amazon, they in no way dominate the onlin retailer’s grocery landscape. Together, sales of San Francisco Bay Coffee, KIND, Green Mountain Coffee, Gerber and Starbucks Coffee products account for less than 8 percent of Amazon’s total grocery sales, which One Click Retail has calculated at $420 million in 2017 year to date, a 50 percent year-over-year increase.

“Being relative newcomers, the success that brands like KIND, Green Mountain and San Francisco Bay are experiencing demonstrate that e-commerce shelf space is a new frontier,” said One Click Retail CEO Spencer Millerberg. “This democratization of retail allows any brand to compete, not just historically incumbent brands who captured the brick and mortar shelf.”

Other brands selling on Amazon that have recently received attention have had varied success and in some instances substantial set backs. Such brands and their sales performance ranking on Amazon Grocery include:

• Soylent: ranked No. 79

• Nespresso: ranked No. 469

• Viva Naturals: ranked No. 1391

• Cheerios: ranked No. 2781

With the remainder of sales being accounted for by 92.5 percent of the brands selling on Amazon, Amazon Grocery remains open and primarily driven by a “long tail” of brands.

“Grocery on Amazon is in its awkward teenage stage, not yet mature but no longer in its infancy,” said Millerberg. “Brands that do not have an Amazon strategy are in trouble and dangerous to any smart leader because getting Amazon wrong leads to long-term losses for both company and career. They need to solidify their position on Amazon in the next 12-24 months before this new shelf becomes more mature and harder to alter in the long term.”

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