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Unata E-Commerce Solution Drives Growth For Lunds & Byerlys

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Unata, a provider of 1-to-1 digital solutions for grocers, is revealing a double-digit increase in online sales for family-owned Minnesota-based grocer Lunds & Byerlys following the launch of its Unified Shopping Experience. This brand new solution integrates all aspects of digital grocery, including e-commerce, list-building, digital loyalty, digital coupons, catering and more into one “simplified, seamless website and mobile app for the shopper.”

Traditionally, grocers have built their website one digital experience at a time, with different providers for each experience and no integration between them, according to Unata. The result is a disjointed customer experience that involves separate web pages for different online tools, like shopping, clipping coupons or viewing the weekly ad. Unata says its Unified Solution is built customer-first so that shoppers are given one streamlined experience within one website.

Kevin Baartman, VP information services at Lunds & Byerlys, and Chris Bryson, CEO and founder of Unata, will be showcasing this new experience live during a 60-minute webinar on September 19.

“Since partnering with Unata in early 2016, we’ve continually improved our digital experience to meet industry demands and customer expectations,” said Baartman. “Our customers like to shop both in-store and online, highlighting the importance of providing choice. Unata’s latest release allows our shoppers to list plan, shop online, just browse or any combination and still enjoy the best-in-class quality experience that we offer in our stores.”

“Historically, websites from grocery chains have been complicated, disjointed and often insufficient in engaging shoppers,” said Bryson. “We believe that despite its complexities, the digital grocery experience can be made simple and seamless, and our new solution and the results it is driving are living proof of that.”

Bryson and Baartman also will be delivering a keynote speech at the Path to Purchase Expo (P2PX) in Rosemont, Illinois, on Sept. 28 on the same subject.

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