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Crazy Water Nationally Recognized For ‘Crazy Good’ Packaging

Crazy Water

Mineral Wells, Texas-based Crazy Water was honored with a 2017 Clear Choice Award from the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) at this year’s Packaging That Sells Conference, held in Chicago. The award recognizes the country’s top brands and manufacturers for “first-rate designs that shape powerful brand experiences.” Crazy Water was selected for its new Crazy Fizz and Crazy Water glass bottle packaging.

“Bottled since 1881, the new Crazy Water glass package blends the nostalgia of the Crazy Water days with more modern demands,” says the company. “The glass is embossed with the phrase ‘Infused by Mother Nature,’ a reference to the rich history and therapeutic benefits that drew thousands to Mineral Wells, Texas, for the all-natural mineral water.”

“Our customers love Crazy Water because it isn’t over-manipulated and the minerals are infused by Mother Nature,” says company owner Carol Elder. “Glass packaging protects the unique quality and taste, keeps it colder and sets our high-quality product apart on the dinner table. Customers have long requested a glass option, and we are proud to have been awarded with a 2017 Clear Choice Award.”

Crazy Fizz is a sparkling mineral water that was introduced by Crazy Water in May. Originally bottled in the 1930s, Crazy Fizz is being reintroduced in response to consumer demand for a bubbly and all-natural soda alternative and drink mixer.

“Because we start with an authentic, nature-made mineral water, Crazy Fizz finishes smooth without the bitter bite that many other sparkling waters have,” says Elder. “The bubbles are fine like a traditional European sparkling water.”

The winning glass containers were selected by an independent panel of food and beverage packaging professionals, including Tom Bobak, founder and editor-in-chief, American Craft Beer; Peter Chamberlin, associate director, Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design, University of Cincinnati; Geoff Kleinman, editor, DrinkSpirits.com; and Denise Purcell, head of content for the Specialty Food Association.

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