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Harps Food Stores Using AI Platform To Support Merchandising Decisions

A Harps storefront

Springdale, Arkansas-based Harps Food Stores Inc. has implemented an AI (artificial intelligence) platform from Daisy Intelligence Corp., a software-as-a-service company, to “improve and optimize” decision-making around pricing and promotions.

According to Daisy, Harps chose it to analyze data and determine which products should be featured in its frequent circulars. Harps launched the partnership with Daisy in early 2017, when Daisy began working with the 87-store grocery chain to analyze years of collected transactional information to provide specific, actionable product and marketing recommendations.

“We use Daisy Intelligence solution to analyze customer transactions and track the relationship between every item in every customer’s basket,” said David Ganoung, VP of marketing at Harps. “Daisy’s ability to provide us with the associated sales on every item within the individual transactions helps us to promote the items most pertinent to our customers.

“Our print circular is our largest advertising expense and you want to be as efficient as you can…Daisy’s A.I. enables us to analyze Harp’s transactional data on a giant scale, and as a result, this significant improvement in promotional effectiveness supports our ability to meet the needs of our shoppers by keeping our prices competitive and enhancing our profitability.”

“The modern retail sector is as competitive as ever, and within retail, the grocery category’s notoriously thin margins leave very little room for mistakes and bad decisions when it comes to promotions and pricing,” said Gary Saarenvirta, CEO of Daisy. “At the same time, as we know from direct experience with our wide-ranging customer base, A.I. is driving a revolution in the way merchandising decisions are made, and this is dramatically impacting client profitability.”

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