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Dumac Combines Restaurant, Grocery POS Capabilities In One System

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Last updated on February 20th, 2018 at 03:26 pm

Dumac Business Systems Inc., a point-of-sale (POS) hardware, software and services company, has released a new module for its RORCv6 POS solution that supports the growing trend of grocerants—supermarkets offering in-store eateries. This suite of features, which includes both a kitchen display system and kiosk application, will enable grocers to manage grocery and in-store restaurant POS functions through one system.

Dumac debuted the RORCv6 Kitchen Display System and Kiosk functionality at the NGA Show in Las Vegas last weekend.

“The grocerant trend is changing the way many grocers approach their business,” said Phil McCarthy, VP of Dumac. “As more grocers look to capture additional revenue and improve the customer experience via in-store eateries or home meal replacement options, it’ll become increasingly important that the grocer’s POS solution be equipped to manage not only traditional supermarket functionality, but also the unique features required by restaurants; features such as restaurant specific cashier user interfaces for menu options, kiosks for customer order entry, and kitchen video displays for prep instructions in the kitchen.

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“Currently, supermarkets that add eateries to their stores either sacrifice functionality by using a system designed exclusively for selling groceries, or use two separate POS systems, one for grocery and one for the restaurant. With RORCv6’s new grocerant solution, we’re helping retailers save time, money and resources and deliver a better customer experience.” 

A sample receipt from the new system
A sample receipt from the new system

With the new features, shoppers will be able to place their individual orders directly through any RORCv6 kiosk in-store. Orders placed, either by a shopper through the kiosk or by a cashier at the register, will be directly displayed to the kitchen, creating a more efficient food preparation process, says Dumac.

“We chose the RORCv6 Kitchen Display System to increase productivity in the kitchen,” said Dustin Curry, business analyst, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “We used to handwrite all of our ticket orders, which required a cashier to walk them back to the cooks each time an order was placed. Now, using RORCv6, we can ring up an order through any register in the store. This transition to a combined solution will save us time and money, while allowing our staff to better assist our guests and increasing overall productivity throughout our stores.” 

RORCv6’s joint solution will provide retailers with a variety of time and cost-saving benefits, including the use of one common payment application, says Dumac. Currently, supermarkets that offer in-store restaurant options typically require different payment applications for grocery and restaurant. This can mean different certifications, supporting platforms, credit card compliance and more. In addition, RORCv6 will enable retailers to maintain one set of books and implement one process for cashiers to follow when counting register drawers.

“Dumac has more than 65 years of experience creating hardware and software solutions for both table and quick-service restaurants,” said McCarthy. “We’ve taken that restaurant expertise and combined it with our grocery knowledge to create a best-in-class solution that will further position supermarkets for success in an ever-changing retail market.” 

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