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Leevers Supermarkets’ New Loyalty Program Rewards Healthy Eating

The Snap2Save app on a phone

Leevers Supermarkets Inc., a Save-A-Lot grocery licensee, has partnered with Green Piranhas Inc., a digital customer engagement platform development firm, to launch Snap2Save, a new kind of grocery shopping loyalty app. The program goes beyond saving customers money. It also aims to help them eat healthier by incenting the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.

With Snap2Save, registered customers earn one point for every dollar they spend at participating Save-A-Lot stores and can redeem points for gift cards or healthcare rebates. The program promotes healthy eating by offering up to four times more points for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. Leevers plans to expand the healthy food rewards to other in-store offerings, such as lean meats. Snap2Save members also can receive special offers; win prizes; view healthy recipe videos from Cooking Matters, a campaign working to end hunger by helping families make healthy food choices; and check their EBT balances through the app. 

Leevers will celebrate the rollout of Snap2Save with a launch party at a Save-A-Lot in Pueblo, Colorado—at 1110 Bonforte Boulevard—on Saturday, June 2, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The event will feature Cooking Matters and Care and Share, which supplies millions of pounds of food annually to food banks across Southern Colorado. Luis Canela, a former Univision Sports Anchor and the Spanish language voice of the Denver Broncos, will serve as master of ceremonies. Guests will be able to enjoy free food, contests, prizes, special offers, and healthy cooking guidance and nutritional information.

“We’ve been proud to provide customers with quality, value and exceptional service for over 75 years. We believe that Snap2Save and Healthy Food Rewards will help us take our customer offering to the next level,” said John Leevers, president of Leevers Supermarkets.

“Healthy Food Rewards is the type of offering today’s busy shoppers are seeking—incentives matched with valuable health and wellness content,” added Sam Jonas, CEO of Green Piranhas.

Employee-owned Leevers Supermarkets owns and operates 20 Save-A-Lot grocery stores throughout the Colorado Front Range and in southern Florida.

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