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Jimmy Dean Launches ‘Egg’wich’ With Petition To Change Definition Of Sandwich

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Jimmy Dean has launched its first breadless sandwich, the Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich, made with breakfast sausage and cheese between two egg frittatas.  

The Egg’wiches are available in three varieties:

  • Broccoli Cheese—Chicken sausage and cheese between broccoli and cheese egg frittata
  • Bacon, Spinach, Onion—Turkey sausage and cheese between bacon, spinach, caramelized onion and parmesan egg frittata
  • Ham, Peppers, Mushroom—Turkey sausage and cheese between ham, bell peppers, mushroom, bacon and onion egg frittata

Each of the breakfast sandwiches contains 13-14g of protein per serving with no artificial colors or flavors. The new breakfast option, made without carbs from bread, is ready from the microwave in less than two minutes.

To kick off the launch, Jimmy Dean is petitioning Merriam-Webster to change the definition of “sandwich.” According to, a sandwich is: “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.”

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“The Jimmy Dean brand believes the current definition of sandwich is stale,” the company said in a statement. “Americans’ culinary preferences are evolving, with more than one in three Americans vowing to eat less bread in the new year…Jimmy Dean brand is calling on Americans to help get all sandwiches a seat at the dictionary’s proverbial kitchen table—and sign a petition to update the definition of sandwich to represent both bread and breadless options.

“It is time to raise the question many may be thinking—why must a sandwich be defined by bread? Is a sandwich still a sandwich if deli meat is found in between crisp pieces of iceberg lettuce? Or grilled chicken between two portobello mushrooms? What about turkey sausage and cheese between two flavorful frittatas?”

“Just as we adapt and introduce new products to meet changing preferences, we felt it was only right to call on the dictionary to reevaluate the definition of a sandwich to ensure it is representative of how people eat today,” said Steve Silzer, marketing director for the Jimmy Dean brand. “We believe a sandwich is still a sandwich without bread. In fact, the new Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich is the perfect example of a breadless sandwich where two egg frittatas hold together savory breakfast sausage and cheese.”

All varieties of the new Egg’wich are available in four-count packages in the frozen protein breakfast section of grocery stores nationwide.

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