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JOH Honors Larry Weiss With 2018 Harry O’Hare Award

A group photo with JOH's 2018 Harry O’Hare Award

JOH, an independent food broker based in Billerica, Massachusetts, recently presented the 2018 Harry O’Hare Award to Larry Weiss, space management coordinator, Metro New York/New Jersey division.                                

The honor is given to the person who most personifies the qualities and values that match those of the life and career of Harry O’Hare, says JOH, noting that “Mr. O’Hare’s personal and professional legacies are filled with hard work, integrity, passion, a positive attitude and team spirit.”

“Larry is greatly admired and respected by his peers,” said John Saidnawey, JOH chairman and CEO. “Most of all, they talk about his amazingly positive attitude. His success comes from his professionalism, work ethic, listening skills and execution. Larry exhibits all of the values our founder and award namesake, Mr. Harry O’Hare, established and practiced throughout his life. Thank you for being a JOH’er and bringing all this and more to our company. Congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award.”

Past Harry O’Hare Award recipients include Joanne Legere, Bruce Sugden, Melissa Passalaqua, Jerry Larsson, Dan Matrazzo, Mike Clark, Dan Fazio, Gary Rosenthal, Carl Annese, Kathy Ascolillo, Ken Black, Debbie Bionelli and Bob Trumbour.

The company was founded in 1956 by Harry O’Hare Sr. and is an independent food broker with 17 offices and strategic partnerships across the U.S. It has more than 500 employees and represents more than 400 clients.

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Kristen lives on Cape Cod and enjoys working in the food industry and loves meeting others in the field.

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