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Michigan-Based Fabri-Kal Joins Plastic Recycling Campaign

Fabri-Kal TruWare
Fabri-Kal TruWare

Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Fabri-Kal has joined the Association of Plastics Recyclers Demand Champions campaign, an ongoing effort to expand recycling in North America and encourage demand for recycled plastic.

Part of those efforts is creating new markets for recycled plastics, as participants in the Recycling Demand Champion Program recognize that consistent, reliable demand for recycled plastic is critical for recycling to be mature, vibrant and sustainable.

They are committed to building and maintaining a supply chain using recycled plastics; helping prevent ocean plastics in North American markets; boosting a circular economy for plastic packaging; and mitigating reliance on export markets, the group says.

“Fabri-Kal is dedicated to producing sustainable packaging with a reduced environmental impact. Products made from recycled plastics give valuable resources a second life,” says Mike Roeder, president and COO of Fabri-Kal. “We are excited to join this effort to further the demand for recycled products and expand recycling in North America.”

Fabri-Kal campaignFabri-Kal provides several packaging solutions made with recycled plastic. The TruWare Square Deli Container is the company’s most recent offering. Made with a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled PET bottles, TruWare containers are clear and provide shelf appeal.

Additional Fabri-Kal products that are made with a minimum of 50 percent PCR PET include Alūr Round Deli Containers and On-The-Go Boxes. Indulge Dessert Containers are made with a minimum of 20 percent PCR PET.

In operation since 1950, Fabri-Kal employs more than 1,000 people in five manufacturing, printing and warehousing facilities throughout the U.S. It specializes in foodservice and custom thermoformed packaging solutions and is one of the largest thermoformers in North America. Fabri-Kal’s customer base includes foodservice operators and consumer product manufacturers. It uses a variety of materials, including renewable agricultural fiber.

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