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Beringer Brothers Introduce Wine Aged In Tequila Barrels

Beringer Brothers

Barrels once used to age premium tequilas now are being used to age the newest Sauvignon Blanc offered by Beringer Brothers

The California white wine is aged for 60 days in the former tequila barrels, giving it what one wine critic described as “a unique animal being lush while sprite with subtle hints of agave.”

The Sauvignon Blanc is in addition to the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend aged in bourbon barrels also offered by the Beringer Brothers. The bolder flavors of the wines aged in spirits barrels are targeted to appeal to younger wine drinkers.

The Beringer Brothers range line, priced at $16.99, is a tribute to Jacob and Frederick Beringer, who founded the Napa Valley winery more than 150 years ago, originally as Beringer Brothers winery and distillery. In the early days, the brothers aged wine in barrels from their distillery, finding that it not only made good economic sense, but the barrels added unique flavors to the wines.

Beringer is the oldest continually operating winery in California, having survived the challenges of prohibition while other wineries were forced to close or suspend operations.

Mark Beringer, the great-great-grandson of founder Frederick Beringer, now leads the winemaking at the winery, the eighth person to have that role.

In paying homage to the “Spirit of the Frontier Reborn,” the range is bottled to appear more like the packaging for spirits. The new Sauvignon Blanc features a flint colored glass to easily distinguish the white wine. All the wines feature a label with a historic photo of the Beringer Brothers in front of the winery, and graphics similar to the original labels.

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