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Walmart Success Leads To Soylent Nutrition Distribution Nationwide

Soylent CEO - Bryan Crowley and Walmart Senior Buyer - Todd Wetmore speaking together at Walmart’s Expo West presentation on “Best in Class Brands”

Thanks to sales success in select Walmart stores, Soylent Nutrition is making five Soylent meal replacement drinks available at all Walmart stores nationwide.

The drinks will be available in four-bottle packs.

“Soylent is committed to providing affordable, accessible and appealing complete nutrition to the masses and Walmart’s tremendous presence and reach makes them a great customer for us,” said Bryan Crowley, CEO of Los Angeles-based Soylent. “Walmart’s leadership team has been a huge supporter of what we’re trying to accomplish, and we look forward to collaborating with them to continue to expand our reach.”

Soylent productsSoylent was available online only until its limited launch in retail last year. In April of 2018, it was carried in 400 Walmart stores. Expansion to 1,850 stores took place five months later.

“Soylent is a strategic, best-in-class sales organization and has become the center of the functional beverage set that Walmart is spearheading. This exciting set will feature up-and-coming brands of all sizes who are launching in Walmart stores across the US. Soylent can be an aspiration for many emerging brands, as they show how this model can work successfully,” Walmart senior buyer Todd Wetmore said.

“By mapping out our growth plan, monitoring results in real time and partnering with Walmart to react quickly to our performance, we have been able to drive sales in a way that has exceeded all of our expectations,” Soylent SVP of Sales Melody Conner said. “In January 2018 we had just a handful of retail locations in Southern California and our incredible success in Walmart, especially amongst a young, health-conscious, on-the-go population has been a great proof of concept for us as we expand our channels.”

Soylent has seen product success in Walmart’s markets where there had not been previous sales through the company’s online platform. The success in new geographies gave the beverage company the confidence to expand distribution in new areas more quickly than originally planned, it says.

With this expansion, Soylent will be available in over 20,000 locations across the U.S.

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