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Redefining Deli’s Core Purpose.

Tyson Deli Redefining 2

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If Disney ran the deli, would they do things differently? When we asked one of their senior innovative experts, along with representatives from other best-in-class retail leaders, we found a common thread: Customers aren’t satisfied by one-size-fits-all solutions, so providing an unparalleled experience with innovative, differentiated options is crucial. Their observations of the deli confirmed our findings that shopper have different missions, too.¹

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing–deli at Tyson Foods Inc., “Brand titans like Nike, Disney, United Airlines and Farmer’s Fridge realize their customers have diverse needs that are often influenced by occasion, time of day and lifestyle. The same is true for prepared foods shoppers. Some know what they want while others need inspiration and education in meal planning. If we make simple adjustments to the experience itself, it should drive a redefinition of deli’s core purpose, along with greater shopper satisfaction.²”

How would world-class brands from outside of the department reinvent deli?

Tyson Deli Reinventing part 2

Responding to consumer missions

The experts agreed that deli has the unique opportunity to offer an unparalleled experience to shoppers by recognizing their different missions and giving them the meal solutions they seek. Strategies should include offering quick fixes, featuring meal inspiration and seasonal ideas, providing interaction with staff and incorporating special events.

Follow along next month in our final part of the series to explore how to build a better customer experience. Find out more at TysonVelocity.com/ChangingTheConversation.



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