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Canada’s La Rocca Creative Cakes Now Available At Publix

La Rocca cakes, Publix

La Rocca Creative Cakes now are available at all 1,265 Publix locations in the Southeast. This is the first time the desserts made by the Ontario, Canada-based company will be available for direct consumer purchase in Florida.

Publix shoppers can select from three handcrafted cake varieties: Truffle Royale, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Truffle. The cakes are available in the freezer section adjacent to every Publix bakery.

The dairy products used in the cakes don’t contain growth hormones or antibiotics. Each takes more than 24 hours to produce and undergoes a complex process involving skilled pastry techniques, handcrafted details and delicately prepared layers of premium ingredients.

“A company known for its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Publix recognized that our world-class, artisan cakes would offer its customers something different,” says La Rocca President Michael Givens.

La Rocca Chocolate Truffle CakeThe desserts are sold in 6,000 stores across North America and as far away as the Middle East.

“Loving La Rocca is a piece of cake with over 30 million slices enjoyed last year and that’s just a start; we are excited to bring our creations to an amazing retailer like Publix,” says Givens.

“All La Rocca’s Truffle Cakes are all made with 100 percent whipping cream and premium chocolates sourced from around the world. La Rocca truly creates its cakes without boundaries or limitations,” he adds.

The cake maker’s origins date back to 1955 in Naples, Italy. In 1986, the family opened a bakery, aptly named after the family surname, La Rocca. Since then, the desserts have become well known in Canada.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re making one cake or a thousand cakes,” says Givens. “We have been very careful about making that evolutionary jump from a small family business to one of the largest ‘premium’ cake manufacturers in North America. We invite you and your family to discover how La Rocca elevates every celebration with a handcrafted cake.”

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