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Tehuacán Brillante Expands American Availability At 7-Eleven, Stripes

Tehuacán Brillante

Tehuacán Brillante sparkling natural mineral water, from J3 Distributors, is now available at Texas 7-Eleven and Stripes stores. The Texas launch follows its winter 2018 debut in Central Market grocery stores.

“Americans are moving beyond the expected choices in search of something authentic and natural” said A. Jimmy Garza, CEO of J3 Distributors. “Tehuacán Brillante satisfies that desire. We call it a natural chill; a feeling of being reconnected with a time and place as natural as ancient Mexico.”

The family-owned Mexican brand chose J3 to bring its signature beverage to America.

Tehuacán Brillante is sourced from springs within the highest mountain of Citlaltépetl, Mexico. The company says its water from Citlaltépetl’s glacier-topped peak is naturally mineralized during an eight-year journey through the mountain’s volcanic rock. The water is then infused with effervescence.  

The Texas stores offer the beverage in 20-oz. bottles.

Tehuacán Brillante was founded December 14, 1983, by Germán García Pendás in the valley of Tehuacán in Puebla, Mexico. Its headquarters are in Pharr, Texas.

J3 Distributors LLC is the exclusive importer and distributor of the brand’s sparkling natural mineral water in the U.S.

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