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Food Lion Donates $600,000; Fresh Del Monte Produce Maintains Supply

Food Lion Covid-19
Food Lion is donating $600,000 to Covid-19 hunger relief efforts.

As the United States continues to try limit the spread of Covid-19, businesses in the food industry are reaching out in a variety of ways to help their communities and keep supply chains flowing. In the Southeast, Food Lion is donating funds to alleviate hunger due to the pandemic, and Fresh Del Monte Produce is working to keep the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on grocery store shelves.


Food Lion to donate $600,000 for neighbors in need

Salisbury, North Carolina-based Food Lion Feeds is donating $600,000, the equivalent of 6 million meals, to Covid-19 hunger relief efforts. Of that total, $500,000 will be donated locally to community partners in the towns and cities Food Lion serves to help feed students who depend on receiving nutritious meals at school, seniors with limited resources and other neighbors in need impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The additional $100,000 will be donated to Feeding America to support its overall Covid-19 response efforts.

“Nourishing our neighbors is core to everything we do, and we know that many of our neighbors have been tremendously impacted by the recent school and business closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Food Lion President Meg Ham. “Hunger is a lot closer than you think, and that’s why we’ve always been committed to fighting food insecurity in the towns and cities we serve. That need is heightened right now, and we want our neighbors to know they can count on us during this unprecedented time. We’ll continue to stay closely connected to our community partners and ensure we do everything we can to help provide stability in the weeks and months ahead.”

Food Lion is committed to supporting local food banks and these funds will be used on efforts such as purchasing boxes of food and supplies for delivery to seniors, nutritious lunches for children while school is out of session and other activities as needed to help relieve the burden of this pandemic in the towns and cities Food Lion serves.

Food Lion has more than 1,000 stores in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and employs more than 68,000 associates. Food Lion is a company of Ahold Delhaize USA, the U.S. division of Zaandam-based Ahold Delhaize.


Fresh Del Monte Produce assures customers uninterrupted supply

Coral Gables, Florida-based Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. announced March 24 that during the Covid-19 pandemic it would continue to deliver an uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits and vegetables—safe, ready and available from farms to stores.Del Monte Covid-19

“We are proud of the role we are playing to keep the world fed, and the 43,000 members of the global Fresh Del Monte Produce family remain committed to meet this very important objective,” said Fresh Del Monte Produce President Youssef Zakharia.

Fresh Del Monte Produce has taken numerous steps to date aimed at navigating this challenging global situation, supporting its employees and ensuring business continuity.

Since the emergence of Covid-19, Fresh Del Monte Produce has activated its Global Executive Crisis Management team and regional response teams so that it can continuously stay abreast of the situation and communicate the latest developments, proactively monitoring and adjusting business processes and procedures as necessary to ensure business continuity.

Fresh Del Monte Produce production facilities remain open in those locations where permitted. To increase social distancing, steps have been taken to reduce the number of employees in farm locations, packing houses, port operations and production facilities, while ensuring business continuity.

In addition to strict good manufacturing policies, Fresh Del Monte Produce has increased its cleaning cycles in its facilities, protecting against pathogen cross-contamination and worker-to-worker spread. These include monitored handwashing practices and sanitization requirements. Any employees showing signs of illness are immediately segregated from the workforce and monitored before being allowed to return. Although these practices were in place already as regular practice, they have been instrumental in helping mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Fresh Del Monte Produce has activated its supply chain contingency plans to avoid any ongoing disruptions with respect to its ability to service customers.

The company says it has been fortunate to receive “incredible support” from its employees, who remain committed to maintaining strict safety standards while ensuring that its valued customers can continue to provide quality food. As this crisis evolves, Fresh Del Monte Produce will continue to stay resilient and nimble, ensuring that everyone does what they must to stay healthy and safe.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is a vertically integrated producer, marketer and distributor of fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a producer and distributor of prepared food in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Fresh Del Monte markets its products worldwide under the Del Monte brand. The company also markets its products under the Mann’s brand and other related trademarks. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is not affiliated with certain other Del Monte companies around the world, including Del Monte Foods Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Del Monte Pacific Limited, Del Monte Canada or Del Monte Asia Pte. Ltd.

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